Day 3 WR's

I was going to bring up Thomas as well. Without a doubt one of the best athletes in the class. Also one of the biggest knuckleheads

I never saw it with Paris Campbell.

I was big on McLaurin last year. I started a thread (on the 247 board) about him being a better option than Paris Campbell. I took some heat for it too. I recall you were one of the few who also liked him. I think iggy did as well.

I thought Campbell was being a little over rated by some while McLaurin was just the opposite.

I even mocked him to us in our Den mock draft. Too bad I wasn’t right … lol

This year I think CeeDee Lamb is the best WR in this draft. I think Jeudy would be the better compliment to the Lions current WR’s though. But I don’t think WR is in play round one. Unless we have two first round picks.

I really like Justin Jefferson in round 2. Especially in a trade down that acquires an addition second round pick.

Round 3 - see my above post.

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Round 5
Marquez Callaway
Quintez Cephus
Kalija Lipscomb
Binjimen Victor
Isaiah Hodgins
Jeff Thomas

love Hodgins on day three

Hodgins put up some great numbers, absolutely in play if we have passed and maybe even if we already grabbed a WR. I like Cephus too, a run oriented team but he played his best games against the best competition. He’s graded anywhere from a 4th to undrafted because he was accused of rape, expelled by the school, found innocent and then re-instated. In 2017 the passer rating when throwing to him was the highest in the country, 147.2, off the charts (PFF). That was with Hornibrook as QB, Big 10 QB of the year.

Cepheus has multiple sexual assault allegations, right?

Even if they are just allegations “multiple” doesn’t indicate sound decision making

It’s not that I dislike Hodgins (because I don’t) but he’s down my list because I think he’s too similar to what we have in Golladay and Jones.

I’m hoping for a WR that has both speed and great route running but I’d settle for average speed and great route running in the latter rounds.

I think he had only one and it was dismissed. I like him as a player but I think the Lions would pass on him due to his history.

Cephus has 2 allegations from 2 women who went home with him at the same time and then claimed they were too drunk to give consent. It was one event, and when it went to court he was found innocent. You know how often anyone gets expelled from a school and then let back in? The school made their decision before the court did and then looked at facts that weren’t in evidence when they made their decision to let him back in. It’s the same kind of crap that let the Cowboys pick up Collins for nothing.

Ah okay. I had thought they were separate events. He’d be a nice late round pickup but I like Air feel as though he’d probably be off our board.

He reminds me quite a bit of Golladay. This is why I’d like to grab two WRs. One to groom as MJ’s replacement and the other to learn from DA.

Yeah, not sure why we wouldn’t want another Golladay. And if that incident took Cephus off of our board then we need a new board.

The Fords have Ford motor company to worry about. They tend to shy away from situations like that.

The unfortunate thing is that his story seems very credible. But it won’t stop us from shying away.

LOL, if the Fords have to worry about how the Lions reflect on their vehicles they’re already in deep…