Day drinking. Avante Garde reboot

Are you talking about something like a Redd’s Apple Ale?

I was hoping he was talking about something like this. This is an excelling choice.


So you think I’d like a beer brewed with watermelon cause I’m black? :rofl:


Be happy he didn’t find a grape-menthol shandy…

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Those aren’t bad, actually. I forgot about those.

The one I had that I mentioned actually tasted like a lemon sour patch kid.

It is either just a sour or Mike’s Hard Lemonade. Very popular with millennials.

Mike’s is way too sweet for me.

Wow, you just officially lost me unless you are specifically into wines and liquors.

Anyone in this thread ever had Johnny Walker Blue? What was it like?

Yeah man, I’ve made that clear for a while now haha

Only you!
For the record. I’m not supposed drink anymore. I tried it the “any more” way. 5 and 6 day tumor hangovers suck…
Speaking of which, you can all suck it.:rofl:

JW Blue is good. Not 50 a glass good, but there you are

MacAllen 18 or older however, yes. Not that I’d pay it.

My post workout/practice shower beer tonight is a barley wine ale. It’s almost too sweet for me, and then you get the malt and hops as you finish to balance it out. It’s the one advantage I have over those goddamn teenagers who are still skipping and smiling after 2 hours of taekwondo. Enjoy your sprite, you little shits! My old ass is going home for a beer.

I get drunk extra fast after a workout. I couldn’t imagine drinking a Barleywine at that point.

Sierra Nevada Bigfoot is my favorite though.:yum:

Was at a Glenmorangie/Ardbeg scotch tasting event last night…3 Glenmorangie and 2 Ardbeg variant pours and a Glenmorangie/Ardbeg cocktail, plus guac, bruschetta, cheese dip etc…

Best part is they poured the seat next to me and he never showed AND the 30ish hot hostess flirted w me all night…guess the hair coloring works! Or maybe all the scotch she had…