Defense doing the same sh#!

Patrica’s refusal to change up the play calling and scheme on D tells me all I need to know about the guy.If something your doing isnt working and its causing your team to lose how so you not address the issue and look to fix it.What I see is a guy who thinks he is smarter than everyone and wont admit his scheme just isn’t working with this personal.The mere fact of there unwillingness to rush the QB is enough to make me scream that how can they be that blind to know that week after week this crap wont work.

I know people eating Coleman and Slay alive and I’m not saying they are without blame. BUT we just let QBs sit back with no rush and these guys have to cover all day. It’s been aggravating as hell all season. Make mediocre QBs look great.

I REALLY like Coleman. He’s been asked to do a lot of different things, and for a good period of time, he was doing amazing for us. Asking anyone to defend an NFL WR for 7 seconds is asking too much. Coleman is busting his ass, and IMO, someone we should bring back. Slay doesn’t look like he’s trying half of the time. He appears disgruntled, and he’s been injured. Possibly he is hurt worse than he’s letting on? I dunno, but I’d be really hesitant to bring him back under a big contract. I’m more of a fan of getting some amazing DL and not needing the CBs to cover for 10 seconds at a time.


Slay just doesn’t seem to care if we win or lose. He is who he is. I’ve always liked him personally but I think his time in Detroit is up and I think it’ll be a good move for both parties. He seems like a really good dude but he’s more about having fun then being competitive.

I’d love a great DL too but if we don’t change the scheme I don’t really think it matters. I watch all these teams who have sucked and turned it around by building a great defense. Then I see Detroit who have turned a mediocre defense into the leagues worst. It’s frustrating as hell.

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Coleman, who was rated very well as a slot corner when we picked him up suddenly looks worse here.

Slay, who was arguably a lock down corner suddenly has a down year, 2 years in a row. Hmmm, I wonder who took over 2 years ago.

Diggs, who folks are claiming wasn’t living up to his contract here is so far contributing nicely for the Seahawks.

Me thinks we might be pointing our fingers in the wrong direction.


I thought Coleman played really well. Those were perfectly thrown balls with great catches. He almost knocked it out a couple of times. He has very good technique.

I thought the first quarter/drive, the D half-assed it.


I just read a post above saying that if the Lions win today it won’t be helpful, and countless posts saying “the season is over” and “the games are meaningless”. Then we have posts like this one, saying Slay doesn’t seem to care if we win or lose. Well why should he, if it’s good to lose? That’s why no game is meaningless, and winning must be the goal every game, regardless of the standings, the playoffs etc. How can you evaluate your players and talent unless they understand that anything less than winning is not good enough? If everybody gets the job done, the team usually wins. I think the only positive that can come out of the Lions starting other QBs when Stafford could probably be playing is that it might do a little to motivate Matthew, that nobody on the team is indispensable, that you’ve got to win your job with good performance every game.

If Matthew Stafford played today, we win the game. If Matthew Stafford played last week, we win. If Matthew Stafford against the Cowboys, we win. If Stafford played against the bears, in soldier field, we win the game. These backups are not sending a message to Stafford that he is replaceable.


Also - these dudes get contracts based on performance. Coaches know we’re all jacked up, and may have more of a propensity to protect their assets (like Matt).

Same for players - if they perform, it can make a difference between thousands and Millions! They should have pleanty of motivation to show up (in theory).


I am pleased though to know that it looks like we have a keeper at backup…Blough just has that…it factor…that moxie…I was wondering about driskel and his lack of aggression downfield…you could see w the play calling that it seemed like Blough was more aggressive and the team was more willing to take aggressive shots w him…


Pure, clean, confidence…almost like a knowing. TONS of certainty. Not easily rattled. He has the “I’ve got this shit” attitude. Love that.


I don’t know if the TV broadcast covered the Slay pick very well, but…

He baited Trubisky beautifully on that.

We had been beaten on the previous drive with a poorly executed double-team. Instead of bracketing the receiver, both of the defenders were trailing the receiver, so he caught an easy pass for a 17-18 yard completion.

Fast-forward to the Slay play and I’m slapping my forehead with one hand and pointing with the other, saying “good grief, trailing again to give up an easy first… whhoooooooohooooooo!!!”

If he didn’t bait Trubes, he certainly did me.

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The thing that kills me about the Lions defense isn’t always the big plays that we all remember. Its the death by a thousand cuts 3rd and 8, 9, or 10s that other teams seems to convert with ease - that usually lead up to the big plays. Getting no pressure has been a death knell for this team.


Agree that the willingness to adapt seems to be lost here.

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This is the most concerning part to me and why I feel Patrica is losing this team slowly.You cant expect the guys to go out and fight for him when they know he wont change the thing that keeps them from winning.I 100% believe that Diggs went to Patrica and told him just that and that’s why he was traded he was the player to speak up for the lockeroom.


WTH is Paul P doing here !? Isn’t he the DC ?, I see a lot of finger pointing directly at Matty P, but almost nothing towards Pasqualoni.

Pasqualoni’s title should reflect his real authority over the defense…

Defensive Assistant to Patricia.

This is Patricia’s defense and he’s the DC, Paul is the DC in title only.

Chris Spielman pretty much confirmed it. So it will be really interesting if Paul gets the boot who comes in to help Patricia and does he give that DC the autonomy to do what he wants to do.

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Patricia’s gonna have an extremely hard decision to make with Pasqualoni.

All, but the very naive, know that this is Patricia’s defense. Is Patricia prepared to make Pasqualoni the scapegoat for what is clearly a Patricia failure. Is he prepared to handle the blow back from that.

And then who could he possibly bring in that will re-instill confidence in the players that’s it’s not going to just be more of the same. Why would any DB want to stay, or come here, to be constantly put in a position to fail and look bad week in and week out. Whoever he brings in here has to be able to walk into that DB room and let them know that he hears them, he understands their concerns, and is going to get this front 7 fixed.

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Wolfy, it’s Patricia’s defense with him calling the shots. PP is the coordinator, though. All through the week while MP is doing HC things, PP is doing DC things.

So, even though this defense is MP’s and he’s ultimately the one that should be held accountable, PP is filling the role of DC. PP doesn’t have full control like we might assume Bevell does the offense, but he does serve in a managerial role through the week to prepare the defense for the plan of attack that week.