Deion Sanders offers 5-star prospect on first day at JSU

Man, this will be a up hill battle but it wouldn’t shock me if Deion pulls it off

If I were him I’d have the NCAA closely by my side to verify that he’s doing everything on the up and up. He’s going to land some top talent eventually and its going to piss some competitors off.

That article reads bad. What did he offer him?

A scholarship?
A new car?

Deion seems like the type to break a lot of rules.

He offered his soul.

My brother just texted me an article that says Deion is bringing in some more stars to coach. The wide receivers coach is Terrell Owens.

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Warren Sapp Dline coach. My friend texted me as well. I guess Sapp is denying this now.

Excellent video by Deion Sanders