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When deciding between multiple teams on who to trade with, one of the main factors should be which GM is the bigger idiot? This is why I think it’s really dumb of BQ to continually deal with the Pats organization, and their former players. Make deals with the terrible GMs around the league, not the best in NFL history.

I’d probably go Jags on this one.

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I think the Jags are the next most likely Tua suitor after the Dolphins.

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We could be in a great spot here. Just matters if BQ can get nice haul.


I have always loved the draft. Like some have said, it’s like our SB. Our favorite time of the year. However this draft will be much different. Knowing we could come out of a draft with opportunity of having more picks than most, and having several that could be quality starters. Don’t remember the last year we could land so many starters.

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I’d say psychologically, the Jags would have no problem trading both No. 9 & No. 20 for No. 3 overall. On the old trade value chart, it’s an exactly equal trade.

The question is whether Quinn would want to go all the way down to No. 9. At that juncture, we’re probably looking at a grouping of DTs Brown or Kinlaw or an OT Thomas, Becton, Wills.

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Agreed Freebird. I was thinking Kinlaw and Henderson. I think this would be better than just a Okudah or a CY. While I think both CY and Okudah will be fine players. Would love the prior option much more.

Is he going to trade with himself?


Every fan loves the trade down…getting all those 2nd, 3rd, and 4th rounders until they show up to training camp in the form of Teez Tabor, etc.
Any pick outside of the top 2 for this front office is a complete crap shoot.


If there are multiple suitors, Jax should have to give up more than 9 and 20.

The equivalent of the Darnold and Wentz deals was +900 on the trade value chart.

For Miami that’a 5, 18 and 39
For Jax that’s 9, 20, 42 and LAR’s ‘21 1st round pick


While this would be best case scenario, not sure one would be willing too. Does it happen? Sure it does. For the right desperate team wanting X player.

I have to say, I love that thinking CuriousHusker!

I would be fine trading down to 'round 9 or 10. Still fine defensive players out there and hell, a top OT would be fine with me too. They can grab a great CB out of the second tier @ #20 then continue building from there.

I would be okay with a trade back like that.

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It happened in two of the last four drafts so it’s hardly some extreme long shot.

The JAX deal may be a bit much as I’m pretty sure that NFL teams value next year’s first more than this years second though that has typically been the convention.

The Watson and Mahomes deals were closer to even value on the chart so I would presume that Wentz and Darnold had multiple suitors.

I bet BQs Fanspeak draft simulator outcomes are off the chain. Martha probably even let him splurge for premium and a new Louisville Slugger

That’s the $64,000 question.

I think there are waves of players and we have a lot of needs. Unless Young is there, I’m all in and have been on a TD. Speaking of those waves, when I look at CB the talent wad IMHO gets shot in round one, maybe just into round two. Front seven depth goes way beyond that and though we need several of those guys, CB2 in this system isn’t an area to play with. I really like AO. I think he was another good mid round pick by Quinn who will exceed his draft position significantly. But Coleman is best as an inside guy and so unless we want AO vs Ford for CB2, we’d better get a good one. I’m ok with passing on Okudah if we get a Henderson or Fulton. A trade with LV or JAX puts us in a great position to do that, and address the DL with a stud.

My preference right now, probably looks like:





Since DT is pretty deep and we need pass rush badly this might be my second favorite:

Chaisson/Henderson w Blacklock, Gallimore or Elliot in the 2nd/3rd round.

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Kinlaw and Henderson would be amazing.

Kinlaw Shelton Flowers
Collins Tavai Davis
Trufant Henderson Harmon Walker Coleman

If MP can’t make that group a top 15 scoring defense then he would absolutely need to go

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Trading up for Tua would also be a marketing goldmine business-wise. You don’t get nearly that same bang waiting on the 3-4th QB off the board at 9th and whatever guy you grab at 20th.

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Kinlaw is even more athletic than brown. Brown is the better player (barely) right now but kinlaw imo had a way bigger upside.
I would love a trade down that allowed us to get
Him and then best cb-de available and then dobbins in the 2nd


We also have a 2nd and (2) 3rd rounders! We could get an impact JACK and DE to add to that group. Baun/Anae/Unche/Lewis. Still get one of Swift/Taylor/CEH.

1a Kinlaw DL 3t/5t
1b Henderson CB
2 Baun JACK (Moves Collins to WILL replacing C. Jones)
3a Anae DE

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