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Cool stuff!

OkLf where is Oklahoma are you?

I am in Jones, just east of OKC…


Ahh that’s cool! Coweta myself, 15 mins SE of Tulsa.
Always nice to meet a fellow Sooner! We should catch up sometime and have a cup of coffee. :wink:


Doesn’t mean jack shit in the W/L column…



this is a good thing. Must there always be detractors. It didn’t mean shit in the w/l column but I helped a friend clean and empty his rental and then, cooked some rib eye steaks for him and his family. The people that rent from him lost their jobs and haven’t paid him. When I went to the supermarket this week, I not only held the door for a bunch of people, I got some merchandise off the top shelf for an old woman. My wife gave her cart at Aldi’s and surrendered the quarter. None of it means shit, I get it, but the world was better because of it. When Stafford helps with food distribution or Matt Patricia gives someone credit in a tweet, the world is better off. It takes a real coarse and rude person to step out and call them losers. One finger pointing at them and three pointing back at you. It lacks class, decorum and basic human goodness.

How big a genius do you have to be to point out anyones faults?


Cool beans - next time I’m out that way I’ll let you know brother!

Used to teach motorcycles safety class in Muskogee at the local airport

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I’m pretty sure BitterSyd’s

comment was sarcasm :thinking:

It was very much so. Sometimes I get ahead of myself.

In before someone tells him to stop sucking the medical communities privates on twitter.

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Also tell his fat ass to sit up straight and not slouch while he is delivering his message. Respect the process.

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Well done MP. He’s made his fair share of mistakes but I think his heart is in the right place.

I was born and raised in Norman, then became a traitor to my whole family when I went to Stillwater and OSU. One of only 2 people from my graduating class of >1000 to do so (this was back before Norman North was around). Had a good friend from Coweta.

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Hey fellow Oklahomans, I’m from Muskogee. And here I thought I was the only Lions fan from this great state!

Go Lions!

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We are like the virus!

Spreading through the state but no one tested for us yet!!