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They say in the article that they can replace Hunt with a mid round pick, so that’s his value to me.

So 10, a 2021 2nd which has a present value of 3rd Rd pick, and a guy who is a mid round pick value.

GTF out of here w that, Cleveland fans!


Replacing hunt with a midround pick in 2020 to get it done? Right there he lost all interest that i had in that trade. Dropping to 10 for anything short of another 1st plus some picks just doesn’t work for me, i coulr buy the 1st in 2021, 2020 2nd/3rd and hunt but hard pass on the 2021 second and a 3rd or later… just my opinion


I have to agree! If he stayed course of his rookie game play, I would do it in a minute. I feel his play played right into KC’s scheme.

No its not enough not even close

That’s a terrible return!

Interesting because it could fill most of the offensive holes. You could match Hunt with #10 pick WR Lamb. Use our second for a solid Olineman. The defense still blows but that O would create havoc .

I would really hate this trade. Not getting enough return value for this year, which is what counts.

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Welaome Faz!

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No, no, and no.

That’s a terrible return on the investment.

Nope. Make it their 2nd this year along with one of their 3rd’s this year…and Kareem Hunt. Then we are talking.

If the Lions traded down to No 5 overall, then traded down a second time to No. 10, then the addition of No. 41 is far more appealing. Presumably, the Lions would have the Dolphins No. 39, to go with their own No. 35, and the newly added No. 41.

CLEVELAND, Ohio – All signs point to the Browns drafting a left tackle in the first round of the NFL Draft. And with the 10th pick, they are almost guaranteed to get [one of the top four tackles]


Thanks, much appreciated!

Simple… no way!

According to Bigtenphan this would be a typical Bob Quinn trade though.

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