Delpit—A rather harsh analysis

Doug Farrar


From my notes on Delpit: “Delpit incorporates a weird combination of frenetic motion and a shot-play mentality that has him hurtling his body at opponents. He also has an odd inclination to throw his body at a ballcarrier’s feet, and his arm tackles wouldn’t bust a grape.”

He also tends to run a little upright and that has caused him to get ran over a few times.

I am not sure his issues are easily coached away.

I have been saying for months that I think he falls on draft day. I don’t think he goes round one.

Have to agree air, but I hope Dallas takes him lol

Delpit not being the best tackler is a pretty popular consensus.

yeah I keep reading how he likes to dive at peoples’ feet trying to bring them down , often times with whiffs and poor results. I’d never draft him for OUR defense.

I agree about him an Henderson the CB tends to avoid tackles also Knee diver

Love Safety Grant Delpit …

One of the True studs of this entire draft …His coverage, play making, toughness and versatility are top notch …
Between his 10 forced turnovers , 24 passes defended , 17.5 tackles for a loss , combined 200 tackles in his 3 seasons at LSU …this kid is going to be a stud in the NFL

His missed tackle rate was not a plus …I could truly care less. I’ll take all the good he delivers and live with some missed tackles .

He’s an easy 1st round talent …Should be the first Safety drafted and likely round #1

Delpit is a playmaker. He’s the kind of player this defense needs more-of. No player is perfect, they all have their flaws or things to work on…but you can’t train a player to be a playmaker.
I’d be ecstatic if he slipped in the draft and we got him in round 2.

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