Just reminder to the fellows here on the site playing in the Yahoo keeper league I run that the league site is active the draft day the set and we are requesting you to pay ReLion the $20 before the draft on the 30th.

If you are out this year it’s understandable let me know and if there any guys who want to put their name in the hat in case there are dropouts please respond below. Thanks.

Hey also there is the question of whether we should make it a free play year given the uncertainties of how covid could affect one team unevenly. I have a national league only baseball fantasy league where most of my team is made up of marlins cardinals and reds and it’s killing me as compared to the rest of the league. Now I am still in 2nd place cause I’m awesome but you already knew that.

Anyhow give me some feedback fellas, and if we do end up keeping the $20 entry fee, the pay pal will go to me as opposed to relion because he is crushed at work this year and that will go to me at

This is a different league than the Den Godfather League, correct? I’m in that league, but not this one… I’d be open to filling a slot (haha :smiling_imp:) if anyone drops out.

Correct, Grandfather is separate.

I’ll happily jump in as a sub if such a need arrives. Well, maybe a sub isn’t the right word I’d like that inclusion to be permanent if it were to happen. Love a good keeper league

Hey, get in line buddy :joy:

Running the FF train

$20 bucks is not an issue …we should expand the roster a little to compensate for Covid replacements

I will be back to defend my 2019 title! I will get signed up soon on.

Is this the one I’m in? I can’t remember. Also my team was garbage last year, so maybe I’m intentionally forgetting…

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I’m in. We should look at changing it up a bit for COVID replacements like NYL said above. You don’t want to have to drop a star player because he is out with a positive test. Maybe a COVID injured reserve with multiple spots.

Ok, I will focus tomorrow on this, as I’m about to get stupid busy during next week.

Need more input on Freeplay and number of extra DL…