Denver hires Paton: Holmes favorite for Lions?


Obviously Paton is off the list.

The Lions want to bring Vikings assistant GM George Paton and Saints execs Jeff Ireland and Terry Fontenot back for second meetings, according to Albert Breer of (on Twitter). Detroit also added Indianapolis assistant GM Ed Dodds to its interview list, meeting with him Tuesday. The Lions were evidently impressed, with Breer noting they would like to speak with Dodds again.

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I don’t mind that Paton is off the list. Sure, he was my number 2 preference, but at the same time I’m glad for everyone’s sake that Spielman’s brother’s right-hand-man isn’t the hire.

If Holmes truly is the hire at GM, I can only hope that Marvin Lewis is the HC. I wouldn’t have any sense of comfort with any other HC candidate paired with Holmes.


Agree: Sounds like perhaps Holmes/Lewis vs. Dodds/Campbell?

I’d rather Holmes/Lewis

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So we are going to keep the streak of hiring a rookie GM alive. 63 years without a championship, 28 years without a playoff win and 52 years of having a 1st time GM run the team. Gee, you’d think someone would try to change the inputs.
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Dodds/Campbell has become my de facto 1, given that it’s unlikely Colbert is happening.

Holmes/Lewis makes sense.

I wouldn’t lose sleep w/ either.


I’m still hopeful that Eberflus comes in for an interview at Dodds’ recommendation.


This is part of the problem with the Lions waiting too long to make the hire, guys getting scooped up.

Sucks because I had Dodds and Paton as my clear, realistic favourites. I’m not a fan of going with an inexperienced GM.

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BTW – whatever happened with Thomas Dimitroff? Is the league cold on him?


Probably safe to go long on Holmes.


I simply cannot imagine this is simply timing. Either the Lions weren’t overly interested in Paton or he preferred Denver (or both).

Have to remember it’s a two way street. We have to want him and he has to want to be here.

If it didn’t then call me Mr. Scarlett Johansson


So if Holmes is the GM how long before the sherlock holmes references start up?
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I just don’t get it. You get a rare guy like Dodds to come in for an interview. You gotta take that.

Appears Dodds is on the second interview “want list” as well so don’t panic yet. See if he wants too as well or he says no thanks.

I just went over to the Falcons forum. Seems to be Holmes is popular over there but also seems like a lot of their number 1’s is Ed Dodds. Dodds didnt even go there for an interview. He doesnt want to be there. He is selective. When you can get a guy like Dodds to come in for an interview here, you absolutely take it. He is going to be a star.


Nah…candidates aren’t signing elsewhere without ensuring their #1 destination won’t match. In other words, if it’s our first choice and theirs, it’ll happen.

Dodds is very intriguing for sure.

What is the attraction to Holmes? How does a college scouting director go to a GM? I am not liking this

Bob Quinn was the pro scouting director, so would you rather go down that well again?