Derek Carr being shopped


Interesting off-season development.

If Jacksonville doesn’t end up with an upper-end QB, those fans need to revolt.


IDK if that is real or not, but I do know that the name Master Tesfatsion is for damn sure an Anime or Pokemon character, somewhere…


Gruden is this era’s Millen.


I’ll pass on the used Carr. Too many miles.


LOL…Carr was drafted in 2014.
Brady was drafted in 2000.


I know, I should have thought that one through.


I’ll be damned if I’m going to buy a bill of goods from a used Carr agent…


So, one comment by Calvin Johnson a few years back that he’d love to play with a guy like Carr. Maybe we could get him to come back?


Derek isn’t a Yugo or Trabant, but he is more like a Chevy Cobalt that you paid Maserati cash for.


annnnnd now that the can of worms is opened, I expect to see a car equivalency of Stafford deluge…


Carr is going to be a solid QB for someone if the Raiders move on from him. He still put together good numbers last year despite doing it with a beat-up offensive line that included two rookie tackles, and that his top receiving threat is a 10-year veteran tight end

Remember he’s just two years removed from being discussed as a league MVP


Right, again, short term NFL fan memory is on display when speaking about Carr.
He is a good QB.