Derrick Brown's 'RAZ' Combine Numbers = not elite

No, no, and no.

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I’m not smart enough to know what #s are obvious yes and no marks. I do know from listening to some of the very best gms this week that the most important things are medical, interviews, game tape… and the drills are a distant 4th.

Looks like we have two threads on this. But the low 3 cone score is a huge red flag for me and I think for BQ too.

I explained why in the other thread.

Maybe we could merge them?

MT, this is true to a large degree, but there are still some measurements that are going to matter, even the high jump and long jump.

That said, Hand’s 3-cone is 7.98 while Brown’s is 8.22. Not a deal-breaker, IMO.

The RAZ is an interesting project but still a work in progress.

What concerns me is he had VERY POOR agility scores. Is that why he is a piss poor pass rusher relative to other elite DT’s like Suh & Aaron Donald? Yes,he is a great run stopper & tackler but you can find those DT’s on day 2.

RAS has been mentioned on this board (and 247) many times since Quinn became GM as something he keys in on when acquiring players.

How has that worked out so far?