Desmond Trufant

Atlanta has made him available for trade and might even be willing to eat some of the salary. His base for the next 2yrs is about 10mil. He’s got 2 ints this year in 5 games. This is a now and a future fix. I’d definitely call and see what they are asking anyway

At 2-3-1, not sure if we are a buyer or seller.

Very true…

Get it done!

I don’t think we are sellers unless there is a player that we do not feel we can resign like Tate last year. I still think this is not like MLB and teams are just going to off load with exception to teams like Miami and Atlanta. With that said, I am not sure if we are buyers seeking for a rental player to get over the hump for this year. I just think we are to far away that 1 player would make a difference.

We do have a need at RB with KJ being hurt and I would like to see them go after Drake but that does not necessarily put us as buyer, but rather a team filling a need to compete. Just my opinion.

Seller. The NFC is too tough this year. The Lions would have to go 7-2 in their last 9 just to have a chance so it would be a real bad idea to waste futures for the now.
Maybe not seller but certainly not a buyer.

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I think we should be a buyer if we are looking at EDGE and maybe Kenyon Drake. I think we can still turn it around if we got someone like Von Miller to add consistency to the pass rush. Someone who can make the QB nervous. We are so close to being an elite team. We have outplayed everyone except for Minnesota.

Von Miller and perhaps Kenyon Drake could be exactly what this team needs. Worse case scenario is we would have Von for 2-3 more years and make a serious run next year with a new free agent and draft class.

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I would have to go and look at the film, but is Von Miller washed up? I know the Broncos had the worst pass rush thru the first few games of the season, despite the big names. Von got 2 sacks against the Jaguars, and only has 2.5 sacks on the year.

That is true. I haven’t watched the Broncos this year to answer that question. Another name to look into who is a younger guy is Yannick Ngakoue. Apparently the Jaguars may look to move him.

Until we are mathematically eliminated we play for this season period imo…

There are seven team ahead of us playing for a WC… we win this Sunday and other teams lose, we gain a full game on half of them…

No selling!!


If you believe sf is for real and they add Sanders (they are the frontrunner for him) then they can add losses to Seattle and rams, 2 teams we’d be battling. Carolina still has @GB, NO 2x, @ colts, @ sf. We are by no means out of wc race… unless we play like the minny game

This team needs a pass rush, and that’s it. No other position will make a difference, another RB is not going to do any better than the guys we got now. The way other defenses are playing us, unless they can get the next Barry Sanders, the result will be the same. Well, maybe a better coverage LB, but this team’s problems are not on offense.

If the Lions are going to finish above .500, let alone make the playoffs, they’re going to have to get more pressure on opposing QBs. AND stop the effing run. I dunno when Hand and Daniels will return, in Hand’s case I suspect it’ll be this week. And I believe Bryant is coming off the IR, maybe in time to play the Bears. So maybe the personnel will be less of an issue.

The other thing is scheme. We got out-coached against Minny, the Lions are going to have to blitz more, there’s no other way they’re going to pressure the other QB.Somehow, someway, Patricia has to find ways to get there, especially on 3rd and long. This crap of not getting off the field on 3rd and long has GOT to stop.


There’s no reason not to be a buyer if the right situation presents itself.

Picking up a player that could help this team goes beyond just this year.


Tell that to BQ!

we are one dimensional on offense bc we have no threat @ RB ATM, I call that an issue being that we are back to not being an efficient run team again.

we definitely need a quality Pass Rusher, and a Run stuffer as well.

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All true. We haven’t had a real threat at RB since Jahvid Best’s short stint here. And before that, I think it was Barry. Yikes.

Reggie Bush was a threat. We just turned the dang ball over too much.

I thought Kevin Jones was an good player, but not a creator. Dude played behind one of the worst OL you will ever see on a professional football field.

Was Kevin Smith that bad? When he wasn’t injured?

The truth is that unless you have a Barry Sanders back there, its tough to run when your OL isn’t even average at run-blocking. Better now than they used to be though, I don’t think were having as many TFLs as we used to.

I think we are a seller but with keeping an eye on building for next year. If we can get a good player, that would make just one less position we have to fill this off-season.