Detroit Lions Coaching Changes

Predict who gets fired here. Who would you like to see the Lions hire?

PP fired for sure. Can’t predict a DC, it will probably be some DB or DL coach from somewhere. I can’t see any real DC coming here to work under Patricia.

As predicted last offseason:

Pasqualoni takes the fall for Patricia’s ineptitude.

John Bonamego MIGHT get fired. Special teams were awful for a vast majority of the season.

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I’m in on firing him and Pasqueloni

The DL coach and DC. Maybe the DB coaches tool.

Gotta think strength and conditioning coach gets fired.

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Anybody not on the O side

I would definitely like to see PP and JB gone

Anybody or everyone below PP can go and I would be fine with it


Strength and conditioning.
Whoever on the medical team that signs off on extending Snacks and playing Diggs.
I’m guessing also that Bo Davis is gone.

I don’t think PP is a lock the way some of you do. He’s following the coach’s lead and I don’t expect Patricia to sacrifice him to appease fans. He knows he has 1 year left to prove something and needs to make his decision for that prove-it season, not to save face for last season.

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I didn’t see this team play cohesive defense. We could have perfect coverage and there would be no pass rush. Then, we’d get pressure with guys running wide open. I believe we were sold a bag of BS. This was supposed to be a multiple defense. It was supposed to cause an offense to play left handed, so to speak. But instead, we got the same calls, Man Under, with a sprinkle of a blitz or zone. And it all sucked ass.


Hes not going to prove anything with PP still here.

We have had insane levels of injuries for a decade. Not since Barry and the boys have we been a mostly healthy team.

Hope we get a DC in here. The single least tolerable thing on the team. We need to get down differently. It truly makes them look amateur.

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Ideally, Patricia. Hire Rivera and let him decide who stays and who goes.

I think some of the guys on IR still could have played. The coaching staff is using the time to evaluate others.

I highly doubt MP fires PP. I just don’t see it happening. My guess is it will be a position coach if anyone is fired on the defensive side o the ball.

So far the only coaches MP has fired are the ones who have philosophical differences. PP is not one of those coaches.

The strength and conditioning coach is long overdue to be fired and retaining them another year is criminal.

Personally I feel like we’re in a lame duck year. I don’t see MP and BQ righting the ship enough to save their asses. BQ made a career ending mistake when he fired Caldwell and replaced him with MP. Giving them another year is just avoiding the inevitable.

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Yeah I agree. MP is going to still be here. Maybe we can turn it around next year, who knows. I do know that it is rare for a coach like Ron Rivera to hit the open coaching market, unfortunately we are in a weird spot right now to make that call.

I can 100% guarantee Martha gave the requirement that Pasqualoni is fired. Multiple members of the front office and staff were asked about it and they danced around it like it definitely happened.

I think you’re wrong on that.
Firing Patricia would be the dignified, respectable thing to do (in line with their stature, past behavior), as opposed to ordering he fire an underling.

The Detroit Lions made the decision to keep head coach Matt Patricia and general manager Bob Quinn for another year, but it appears that courtesy won’t be extended to the entire Lions coaching staff.

According to Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press, the Lions are expected to make “significant” changes within the coaching staff, specifically on defense.

“Patricia is expected to make significant changes to his defensive coaching staff after the season,” Birkett wrote.

That report seems to be corroborated by MLive’s Kyle Meinke, who—like Birkett—was among the select media that met with the Ford family on Tuesday morning regarding the future of the franchise and specifically the employment of Patricia and Quinn.

“There will still be some meaningful changes after the season, including to Patricia’s staff,” Meinke wrote.

Given how the Lions’ defense performed in 2019, this should come as no surprise. Detroit’s defense is currently ranked 26th in scoring, 30th in passer rating defense, 26th in DVOA, and 26th in yards per play allowed.

Perhaps the coach most in danger of losing his job is defensive coordinator Paul Pasqualoni, who has long ties with Patricia, going back to their overlapping years at Syracuse when Pasqualoni was head coach and Patricia served as a graduate assistant from 2001 to 2003.

Pasqualoni told the media via teleconference on Tuesday that his focus is on the Denver Broncos, not his future with the team.

“To be perfectly honest with you, my concern right now is getting ready to play the Denver Broncos, and giving my full, undivided attention to this game,” Pasqualoni said.

But if the Lions are expecting Pasqualoni to resign or step down on his own accord, it doesn’t sound like that will happen. Just a couple weeks ago, the Lions defensive coordinator expressed his interest in continuing his coaching career for the foreseeable future.

“I hope I’m coaching for a long time. I have no intention of not working,” Pasqualoni said.

While many will view these eventual moves as a scapegoating for Patricia’s failings on defense, there’s no doubt that something needed to change on that side of the ball.

Defensive Coordinator: Paul Pasqualoni - Not Safe
Linebackers Coach: Al Golden - Not Safe (TE coach in 2018. First time LB coach in 2019)
Defensive Line Coach: Bo Davis - Not Safe (Head scratcher because he has been a Dline coach almost everywhere)
Defensive Backs Coach: Brian Stewart - Safe (DBs played pretty well imo)

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Still calling for a NE assistant to come in, especially after the great year on D they’re having. Haven’t looked at how they’re running the show there recently, but earlier in the year they had Jerod Mayo calling the defensive plays before Steve Belichick took over. They don’t have a designated DC this year.

I’d like to see them bring over Mayo or Steve B. if they can pry either of them away from the Pats. To keep them both, I think all Bill has to do is designate one DC and the other Asst HC (probably Steve). But perhaps Bill will let one slide over to DET.

Man, I don’t want another rebuild.