Detroit Lions GM Bob Quinn won't put timeline on how to revive team

Right now Quinn is rated worse than Mayhew and better than Millen.

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Nothing says IDK WTF I’m doing than this kind of CYA BS statement


How quickly people forget the draft picks of Mayhew.

Mayhew took us to the playoffs, twice.
The first time in year 3 after what Millen had done to the team.
Technically, this was year 3. Let’s let him slide for the Caldwell year.
Do you see that happening next year? I sure don’t.
Hope I’m wrong.


So the comparison is for Quinn to make the playoffs once in the next two years?

I don’t know, the league changes from year to year. A 4-12 team in 2018 went on to be 13-3.

Okay, let’s give him that 5th year, because Bev has only been here for a year (even though the offense was winning several games with backup QB’s). The Defense broke down in, even the wins!
I don’t see it. A lot could change is two years, I guess. Theoretically.
Speaking of Bev, first year, experienced, OC. Immediate improvement.
Pasq, second year, experienced, DC. Second year of regression. This is Patricia’s system and hand picked guy.


Weak NFL Franchises do things like hire a new GM, and tell them “but keep the coach”.

Weak NFL Franchises don’t push a longtime family advisor (Rod Wood) into a football administrative position.

This Franchise isn’t cursed; it’s been owned by a husband and wife who were both born into wealth, and never built anything from the ground, up.

They’ve meant well; and both were/are good people. They simply don’t have the vision to build a championship organization.

…And here’s the thing: it has appeared to me they’re intimidated by strong football personnel who’ll come in and tell THEM “THIS is what we’re doing”. It’s always “we appreciate the Fords”


Nailed it. There is no expectations from the owners, other than to be nice. To be honest, there are a lot of fans that have no expectations as well, which is why this broke dick franchise continues to be the laughing stock of the NFL for the better part of a century.


“Anytime you bring a new head coach in, there’s going to be a lot of change. We talked about this last year after the season. Probably a little bit more expected than going into it. But that’s when you get in the building and you see things you want to change and Matt wanted to change some things and he has.”

In other words:
“The players I thought were players, weren’t.”
“The scheme change I thought could be gradual couldn’t be.”

I wish he would just come out and own it. That would suggest to me that there’s some learning going on there.

Nothing in yesterday’s presser moved the needle for me. He’s the same guy that took the podium in year 1, which is a tragedy. You would hope he would display some maturity or leadership. He didn’t. Worse yet, when we were adding all those players to IR you just KNEW he was going to tout those numbers but hoped he wouldn’t. Well, hope be damned, he threw those numbers out like they were a get out of jail free card. The biggest trouble is that he BEGAN the season with injury. He built the roster with injured players. He wasn’t derailed by an injury-riddled season, he was never on the rails considering so many of his DL choices were known injured. Ugh. Mayhew learned from failure. I don’t know if Batman has the humility or perspective necessary to learn.


At midnight tonight I will be on a rooftop in downtown Charlotte overlooking the stadium and toasting to my transition to a new year and new team.

So much winning!

Tiger blood!

Who farted?


Please tell us more. Your insight is fascinating.

The reality is that nothing Quinn said up there was going to satisfy pissed off fans. Nothing. Not that I disagree with many of you. The bottom line is they get another year.

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He could have said “I just fired Matt Patricia and I am going to bring in a real head coach.” That would have helped.

While I agree that his answers were never going to be great, I did not appreciate how deceptive (or ignorant) a few of the answers were. The comment about it being a year where you can’t pinpoint what went wrong and citing 16 players on IR stood out the most to me.


This is true. He knows he pulled the wool over Martha’s eyes, and didn’t need to answer to fans or media. That smug little fucker knows how to scam. I’ll give him that.


Yeah, citing the IR count is really, really lame. They inflated that number over the last couple of weeks. If we did a deep-dive in the PS promotions (another number he cited), I think we’d see several unnecessary transactions there, too.

Some sign of growth would have been nice.


QunnTricia have become sycophantic yes men, managing up and tearing the team like a plantation. They are the CYA duo.

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Quinn is the top “football” guy in the building and GM. Since nobody above him has a fucking clue, the buck stops with him.


The Panthers are worse than the Lions.

When I look at a team like the Steelers, that lost its first THREE QBs, its top RB and top WR, and other key players, and scratched and clawed toward the playoffs only to just have not enough left in the tank at the end of the season, finishing 8-8 … and then hear Quinn yesterday continually spouting the Lions’ injury numbers … it was disgusting.

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And for those of you with decent memories, this is exactly the game Matt Millen played with Old Man Ford and Bill Jr.

And Russ Thomas with Old Man Ford before that.

All terrible at their jobs, but knew how to schmooze the owners.

This effing franchise.