Detroit Lions' Jeff Okudah could be one of the 'great ones': 'Holy crap, who is this kid?'

The beginning of a rather lengthy in-depth article:

Jeff Hafley knew he had something special in Jeff Okudah when, not long after he was hired as Ohio State’s co-defensive coordinator last winter, he got a text from his star cornerback.

“It’s a Saturday morning and I’m moving into my new house and I’m getting a text, ‘Hey are you in the office? You want to watch film?’ ” recalled Hafley, now the head coach at Boston College. “It was like, ‘Holy crap, who is this kid?’ ”

Hafley didn’t meet up with Okudah that morning; he was busy entertaining his kids. But the two spent enough time together in the past 12 months for Hafley, who coached Darrelle Revis and Richard Sherman in their NFL careers, to believe the Detroit Lions landed a cornerback destined for similar greatness with the [No. 3 pick ] in last month’s NFL draft.


Sounds like this kid has what it takes to achieve greatness.


Kinda funny to see a player pushing a coach.

I read a story that his junior high and high school coaches saw him as a prodigy as far back as 12 years old when he was locking down high school WR’s, and better than DB’s 5 years older than him.

I hope he’s worth the investment… Seems like a good kid, he’s got a lot of pressure on him.

He was a bit “handsy” at the Ohio State, but he sure was damned good. More importantly is that he seemingly is of excellent character and determined to be the absolute best that he can be. Here is to hoping we got the gem he seems to be.

Remember Okudah was the guy at the combine who made that reporter look stupid when he asked about all his grabby play. He was like “I never committed a pass interference at Ohio State”.

Okudah is the real deal. I mean I really don’t get it with the criticism I’ve seen. The dude was really good. Teams wouldn’t throw at him.


get ready to get a whole bunch of flags playing for the lions kid. especially against green bay.

Watch just the first quarter vs Michigan. One of just a couple teams he played that had above average receivers, yet still a broke ass QB.

He committed at least 5 blatant penalties in that quarter. None were called. Such is life in college football, but all of them would be called in the NFL. Check it out.

You mean stuff like this? Twitter has been using this as evidence of PI vs Michigan and multiple nfl people have said it isn’t PI…


Are you a Michigan fan by chance :rofl:

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Watch the film. Give it an unbiased look and get back with me.

I’ll help you out. Please don’t buy into those announcers who dangle from his balls the entire time. Watch it objectively.

First play, gives up a wide open catch, then commits a late hit.
2nd play, grabbing and obvious PI
3rd play super early, blatant PI
4th play, early, pulling down the WRs arms, blatant PI
5th play, weak ass QB throwing from his back foot and JO gives up a WIDE open catch for a first down.
6th play, avoids contact at all costs
7th play he gives up a pretty easy TD on a simple pitch and catch. Luckily the other d back knocks it loose.

Again, this is just the first half vs Michigan against some solid, but not great WRs and a pretty weak ass QB. He benefited from a terrible schedule and was really exposed here, but got literally every break possible. He is not getting away with this type of play at the next level.

Here’s a summary of the rule from the Sporting News:

Acts that are pass interference include, but are not limited to:

  • Contact by a player who is not playing the ball that restricts the opponent’s opportunity to make the catch;
  • Playing through the back of an opponent in an attempt to make a play on the ball;
  • Grabbing an opponent’s arm(s) in such a manner that restricts his opportunity to catch a pass;
  • Extending an arm across the body of an opponent, thus restricting his ability to catch a pass, and regardless of whether the player committing such act is playing the ball;
  • Cutting off the path of an opponent by making contact with him, without playing the ball;
  • Hooking an opponent in an attempt to get to the ball in such a manner that it causes the opponent’s body to turn prior to the ball arriving; or
  • Initiating contact with an opponent by shoving or pushing off, thus creating separation.

Also, because these will be debated during pass interference replay reviews in 2019, too, here are the “permissible acts by both teams while the ball is in the air,” aka not PI:

  • Incidental contact by an opponent’s hands, arms, or body when both players are competing for the ball, or neither player is looking for the ball. If there is any question whether contact is incidental, the ruling shall be no interference.
  • Inadvertent tangling of feet when both players are playing the ball or neither player is playing the ball.
  • Contact that would normally be considered pass interference, but the pass is clearly uncatchable by the involved players, except pertaining to blocking downfield by the offense.
  • Laying a hand on an opponent that does not restrict him in an attempt to make a play on the ball.
  • Contact by a player who has gained position on an opponent in an attempt to catch the ball.

Applying those standards, it does not appear that there was pass interference in the particular video posted by Rollins.

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And TJ Lang rarely got called for holding in Green Bay.

Welcome to the D, kid.


I watched. You definitely have your hater glasses on. Much ado about nothing. I would say the worst play of his was the broken up TD. He left a lot of space for DPJ. He’ll need to work that out in the pros. The sideline pass to Collins would probably be a no call or OPI in the pros because Collins pulled him down before he caught it. My favorite was when you tried to say he was afraid of contract because he didn’t nail the QB by the sideline. That right there tells me you don’t have a good read on him.

We can disagree. But allow me to tell you this: i hope you are wrong!


This would be true of any Lions player, unfortunately.

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Really? Hitting a guy a second early and pulling a dudes arm down well before the ball gets there is nothing?

I’ll remember all of this when Kenny G or Marvin get drilled early and no flag comes out. I’m not a hater. I want Okudah to become a hall of famer. Don’t be a homer, now. Just because we drafted him, doesn’t change that he was super grabby and got away with murder in college.

Every play on that video was a negative play for him. All of them were in 1 half of football against a mediocre team. He should have been flagged at least 3 times and got burned 3 other times. In one half. Against nobody special.

Agree. My favorite was the late hit. C’mon that plays could happen to anyone…these “examples” of PI are not strong supports of why Okudah will fail. Dude is grasping and asking others to be objective when that is something he fails at himself.

Simple question… If Okudah is wearing a Packers jersey and the Michigan receivers in the video are wearing Lions uniforms, are those legit penalties or no?

I’ll wait till the fall for the answer.

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