Detroit Lions TE T.J. Hockenson is running routes but not yet 100%

Detroit Lions TE T.J. Hockenson is running routes but not yet 100% after ankle injury

Not feeling good about Hockenson

That’s really surprising. I thought the concussion injury was the original issue that kept him out.

What’s surprising?
You thought he missed the last 4 games because of concussion?

I’ve been wondering and asking if there were any updates. This doesn’t surprise me at all. Better than I was expecting really. He’s running routes and working with Stafford.
At least he’s not still in a boot.
or on his skateboard.

He’s been working out hard, doing heavy squats… He’s probably not 100% with his cutting, but I have no doubt he’ll be ready for camp.

I terrible pick compounded by some really bad injuries. We’ll be lucky if he is a league average starter this year and plays 12+ games.


I don’t foresee him being ready for training camp. In fact, I don’t think he’ll be back playing until half way through the season…that’s just my guess from looking at that injury.

It sure sounds like his injury was very serious. I hope it’s not an Achilles injury. If so then he will never be the same. Even a severe ankle injury can tend to be nagging. That’s what ended CJ’s career.

Getting a bad feeling about his ankle.

Let’s hope he heals up or it’s Lions luck is a real thing

TJ is doing better than I imagined considering that ankle injury, I wondered if he’d ever play again TBH. The fact that he’s up running routes is an amazing thing in itself.

You put a lot of stress, weight, and torque on your feet, calves, and ankles while running, turning in stride , and using your full weight and power to generate speed, the ability to change direction, or make sudden stops and that is a lot of pounding on your legs and ankles.
I would use him sporadically not at full tilt for a season and see if he can take that , before I just let him get heavy PT.
see if he stays healthy, can contribute, produce , and make plays AND stay healthy…not be in pain or discomfort. I think that is a smart approach than just rushing him back to full time play… and we cannot have him jumping over players or leaping for high thrown footballs… too much of that show off shit and he’ll be right back out .

From the article:
“As far as I know right now, he’s in his running part of the protocol. He’s on land, he’s running, he’s running routes, doing that thing. You can’t say he’s 100% yet, but I think he’s well on the way to getting there,” Bevell said during a Zoom chat with reporters on Wednesday. “He’s done a great job with his rehab, he’s always been a good worker that way. I know he’s going to get some time with Matthew (Stafford), throwing and catching. So yeah, I’m comfortable with where he’s at with the rehab part.”

It is mid-June and he is running on land (versus rehab in water I presume). That is good news. Before camp even starts TJ has 6-7 weeks and that is a lot of time to keep rehabbing and staying in shape.

I would be far more concerned in by mid-June he wasn’t running yet and had yet to run a route.

Ugh…I must have checked out by Thanksgiving, had no idea it was that bad. This would be one of the few good things to come out of cancellation of the season - we wouldn’t be rushing him back.

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He’s working on his hurdling over smaller players that he could just run over…

Why can’t the Lions just get a guy who initiates contact with defensive backs instead of shying away from them?

I think he can be middle of the pack in the NFL. If the Lions picked him in the 3rd round he would be fine, but at #8 overall, he better be close to Pro Bowl level this season.


The Raiders got TE Foster Moreau in Rd 4 at No. 137 overall. He’s was PFF’s rookie of the year at the TE position:

Hockenson? Not even close:

It was one of the worst picks the Lions have ever made, and that takes in a lot of territory. Unless he is a perennial All Pro, it was a horrible choice.
He doesn’t have speed and he seems to shy away from contact. Like you mentioned, a team can get the same production from round 4 and after.

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Everyone has their own opinion on the draft, and yes, it’s too early to really get pissy about our last two drafts.

But, after the last two off seasons, I’ve checked out on this regime.

The last two first rounders could very well go down as our worst ever, which is saying something.

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Horrible drafting. Hard to improve when you rarely hit on solid players even.

Unless he is Travis Kelce its a terrible awful craptastic ego stroke for" I gotta prove I’m the Smartest Guy In the Room, because I mommy told me I’m special" syndrome.

The TE selection was poor positional and poor financial value…The talent was clear as was the need …With Okudah it’s not possible not with the Bryant Westbrook & Terry Fair’s in our 1st round history …
Okudah was the clear best player available , the positional value CB was spot on , the need was spot on as was the financial value…Okudah could be our best pick since Stafford or Suh

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is this the Original thread on this or a second one?