Detroit Lions Week 6 scouting report: Like it or not, the Packers are for real

I sure do love it, when we get Spielman


Might depend on if they can extend Glasgow. If so, and considering they got Joe Dahl locked up, maybe they’d be better off drafting an OT. Also, I wouldn’t be upset if they drafted a power RB, but maybe they could sign an FA and use that pick on a WR, LB, DT, etc. TBH, I ain’t too unhappy with KeJo, TyJo, McKissic, Bawden, and we haven’t even seen what Perkins can do here. Am I wrong, or is Bawden underperforming somewhat?

The Lions ain’t too far from the point where they don’t have to fill holes in the draft, they can go pure BPA. I do think they gotta be looking for replacements for both Decker and Wagner though. Not sure I wanna pay Decker $10 mil next year, or $9 mil (I think it is) to Wagner. And I ain’t too sure I want to count on Crosby to step in.

I was thinking the same thing. I think somewhere throughout the course of the season, we need to figure out if we have the RB stable full, or if it needs work.

I’m all in on beefing up the OL and making sure the DL is tight. We have Snacks locked up, but Daniels is a big question mark, and Robinson is a free agent too. Bryant? Hand? We need to do the best we can to find out what we can count on those dudes for, and figure out if we an replace them. I really like our WRs, but definitely can see where we may need some depth and possibly a replacement for Amendola.

Love the trajectory of things. Quinn is doing a great job.

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I wouldn’t rule out any OL position. But we’re the only team in the NFL who rotates 3 OG’s. I think we do that because we’re poor at run blocking and Wiggins is the best run blocker of the 3. Were actually really good at pass blocking.

Here look at this. Look at the before and after contract charts. These charts show our RB’s are playing well and the problem with our run game is our run blocking. Truth is we’re just not opening up holes in the middle of our OL. I suspect we will want to upgrade our OG to

Sad, but true.

It’s nowhere near when I start looking back to when I watched KO & DP growing up.

And even past that, when the talking heads I’ll never take seriously (SAS, Herd, etc.) the politics they inject get ridiculous, and that’s coming from a lib.


ESPN has been terrible for a long time but with the cord cutting going on it seems Disney has more or less forsaken it.