Detroit offense still ranks among the league’s best

Lions Notes: Detroit offense still ranks among the league’s best


That’s a thing that isn’t terrible.

By Kellie Rowe@kellierowe Nov 18, 2019, 2:15pm EST

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Photo by Daniel Bartel/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

It’s hard to find good news Monday after a loss, but let’s take a look at where the Lions stand ranking-wise—one of them is surprisingly positive.

While Detroit now sits at 3-6-1 after another disappointing loss on Sunday to the Dallas Cowboys, the passing offense still remains relatively good.

According to Pro Football Reference , the Lions rank fifth in the league in passing offense. Through 10 games, Matthew Stafford (eight games) and Jeff Driskel (two games) have managed to keep the Lions among the top passing teams, going 229 for 363 for a completion percentage of 63.1. They have wracked up a total of 2,812 yards, 22 touchdowns and six interceptions.

Above the Lions are the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at fourth, Atlanta Falcons are third, Dallas Cowboys are second and the Kansas City Chiefs sit atop the list at number 1.

For more insight on where the Lions stand in the rankings: overall team offense is ranked 12th and, unsurprisingly, the Lions fall to 19th in rushing offense. The Lions are ninth in third/fourth down and red zone conversions, 10th in kick and punt returns and 11th in kicking and punting. And, less good, the Lions are 27th overall in defense—30th in passing defense and 23rd in rushing defense.

The takeaways? Just a more rank-based look at how well Matthew Stafford was playing and Driskel’s doing fairly well, how most aspects of the offense rank among the top third of the league, and how the defense is bad.

So yeah, I mean. That’s … something. And onto the rest of your notes:

  • While Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press said Matt Patricia gave a baffling explanation, Seth Walder with ESPN analytics goes into major detail about why NFL teams are going for two when they’re down eight. (We wrote on it Sunday, too)

  • Jeff Seidel with the Freep has some words for Lions administration: “Dear Martha Firestone Ford: This isn’t acceptable. Your Detroit Lions, the organization that makes you a boatload of cash every year — sucking money out of the pockets of decent, hard workin’ folks who deserve better — are struggling something awful.”

  • Just… this.

Mike Greenberg :heavy_check_mark: @Espngreeny

The #Lions are the best bad team in the NFL. And the #Cowboys are the worst good one.


2:08 PM - Nov 17, 2019

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Pride of Detroit :heavy_check_mark: @PrideOfDetroit

Jeff Driskel said he pulled Bo Scarbrough to the side after the game and told him how proud he was of him in his first NFL game.


4:54 PM - Nov 17, 2019

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  • Sports Illustrated’s Gary Gramling gave some kudos to Darrell Bevell in his Week 11 takeaways: “Darrell Bevell Is Having a Great Year: Detroit’s first-year offensive coordinator opened up the offense and got an MVP-caliber season out of Matthew Stafford, and is now making it work well enough with Jeff Driskel. (If only the Lions had the right coach to run the other side of the ball. Or the right guy to build the roster. Oh well.)”

  • Just an interesting fact in case you missed it from Sunday:

Adam Schefter :heavy_check_mark: @AdamSchefter

Lions are wearing white jerseys at home today for the first time since Nov. 26, 1970, a span that covers almost 50 years and 381 home games. Cowboys forced into their navy blues.


12:22 PM - Nov 17, 2019

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Driskels rating for the Dallas game, 109.3.
Not bad, for a backup!

Crazy part is we are scoring pretty well and all of our losses except Minny are one score games

If our D was even a little better than horrible we could be competing for the division :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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Bevell actually really is a good coordinator


He’s definitely a keeper. Hope he stays with Detroit for a long time.

Bevell getting 27 points out of Driskel and Bo Scarborough is one of the best individual coaching performances I’ve seen as a Lions’ fan.


Is Bevell our next head coach if Patricia bombs next year? I don’t want to lose him if we have a major overhaul after next year.


yes defense is like the anchor from The Titanic around the neck of this team , we are not going to win like this much if at all.

Unfortunately as good as it has been the defensive coaching job is the mirror opposite.

The whiplash this season has been unreal. Midway through the third quarter of the GB game I was sure that MP had changed the culture and instilled a winning one. We shook off the Chiefs let down and righted the ship. Then you know what happened.

Now just over a month later I’m fairly certain that the regime is doomed.

That’s part of what bothers me about when the refs steal a game from us. It takes away potential momentum we could have built off of that win. We’ve had something like that happen several times that left me wondering “what if” the league simply called the game the right way?

It really was monumental. Not sure it matters ultimately Bc of Matt’s back but if he was healthy all year and we get the win at Lambeau that we had earned the whole trajectory of this organization is totally different. So close and yet so far

According to Martha, Rod Wood, Quinn, Patricia and Stafford, the refs were just perfect.

He will probably get plucked from us next year as good offensive/defensive coordinators do every year in order to take a head coaching job. I honestly wouldn’t mind promoting him (Bevell) to HC. I don’t want to lose him.

Bevell isn’t getting a head coaching job next year.