Detroit Pistons Owner Tom Gores Is Profiting Off of Mass Incarceration

Anything for a dollar, sad

That’s a shitty business to be in IMO. He ought to reconsider.

However, offhandedly calling him an “oligarch” is a joke. I don’t think the writer knows what that means. He may be a crony capitalist to some degree or other, based on his government dealings. But an oligarch? If there’s one in all of the USA, the only candidate I can think of is the current POTUS, based on his behaviour.

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I had to go look up “oligarch”.


The best way to deny him of even making one dollar off of this is…don’t break the law.
Pretty simple.


Bill Davidson was a true gem. The transition from Bill, to this clown who gets hammered all 3 times he watches his team play per year, has been an embarrassment. The ownership of the 4 big sports teams in Detroit are at an all time low.


We were spoiled with Bill Fetzer, Bill Davidson and Mike Illitch.