Detroit vs. Everybody

I have to admit I’m still emotionally invested in this team. And though they could have put up more points, it’s clear to me they win if GB doesn’t get the help it needed. The two penalties on Flowers were phantom calls, the second so brazen and surely the result of Flowers verbage to the refs on the first one. The official had something to prove. The result is the Lions didn’t get the ball back with a chance to overcome the brutal officiating. That’s what angers me the most.

I am just sick to death of this. I cannot watch the NFL the same way anymore. And I will not. From now on, I’ll only watch the Lions games. I won’t spend a minute watching any other NFL product. I won’t lend my eyeballs to anything NFL that isn’t Lions related. The rest of the league is dead to me. I will do this until I die or the Lions win a SB and then I won’t watch the NFL again.

I have so many other things I can do with my time. Go Lions.


They could have scored more.

They scored enough to win if the game was not completely hosed by the refs.

But you simply cannot leave it a one score game in the last 1/2 of the 4th quarter playing the Packers and the Cowboys and let the refs have the chance to be involved.

So they needed to score more than enough to win and didn’t

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Agree. But it doesn’t change the fact that the Lions get jobbed on the regular. And my time is worth something to me. I can’t even count the number of times I’ve been left just beside myself with anger over the absurdity of it all. I just don’t have time for it. Like I said, I’ll watch the Lions. But that’s it. I won’t watch the playoffs if the Lions aren’t in it. Ain’t no cuckold. I may not be Lions free, but I am NFL free.


Umm. Kind of hard to score, when you stop GB TWICE on 3rd down, once for a punt and one for a FG attempt, and the refs give them a first down both times. Maybe we would have put up more points, but it’s hard to do when you get stops and they give the opponent 25 offensive plays per drive.


Totally agree brother.

And it is a lot easier to score when the refs invent a foul when you get stopped on 3rd down and actually call DPI when it is blantant


Jaded, I normally try to follow this type of reasoning as well but it just doesn’t hold water in this instance in my opinion. Take for example the overturns KJ pass and fumble out of bounds yes. I firmly believe that if the ball had remained in bounds and had been recovered by the Packers the call would have stood as a completed pass and a fumble. More importantly in my mind is the question of how do you expect them to score if the referees are also tipping the scales in the favor of the Packers with non calls or overturned calls the stop Lions drives? In other words what about the non call Pi on Marvin Jones? That puts them deep in Packers territory and dramatically increases the odds that they would have scored on that drive and the cage a overturned call would have given them a first down in field-goal range as I recall or close to it. So it wasn’t just while the lions run defense that they were getting hosed by the referees. It was also while they were on offense late in the game. So explain to me how they can score and take the referees out of it when frankly the referees have the ability to call a penalty on every single snap of the ball?

I totally agree

I was just sayin what you have to do when playing Dallas and Green Bay. It doesn’t matter what happens before the last 8 minutes, if it is in reach the refs will help them. Nothing changes that

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That argument is nonsense. If the Lions scored a TD on their last drive and the refs still did what they did GB has a good chance to get in the end zone. Everything changes on how teams play when there is a 2 score lead and none of that matters. Games are close in the NFL and blaming the Lions for not having a cushion for bad calls is ridiculous.


Thanks for making my point for me.

Turn their field goals into a touchdown because you have 12 men on the field and drop touchdown passes and settle for a field goalkeepers …and we saw what happens

You can’t let it be close enough for the refs to fuck you against the Packers and the Cowboys

They may have scored more if the guy didn’t knock Jones down and got no call.

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They got the touchdown that was a field goal but should have been a punt. The refs artificially extended that drive with a phantom call on 3rd down. The Packers should have never had the ball to begin with.

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Yep. There is no protection for the level of hose job we got Monday Night

But in general, against GB and Dallas you have two win by two scores in order to win by one score because you know this is coming. Just usually isn’t that bad

Just want a fairly officiated game. Is that too much to ask? It’s impossible, especially the Lions to play a perfect game every week.

Imagine having Moses, Clowney, Hart, Davenport or some other player that drew a ton of flags from last season on the Lions. They would double that output.

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The sad part is we didn’t even need a “fair” game to beat them. We just needed one less bad call out of the 6 or 7 it took to get the Packers to squeak out the win.


But it was two scores when the 3rd down sack occurred around the nine min mark?’

We had them and we had the games at that moment…, until the little yellow flag …

I counter the idea that we should have scored TDs over FGs with we were good enough to not have to punt ?!

But that just me imho…,


Nobody made your point. Officiating should be to get the calls right. This was an agenda we have seen far too often of the NFL pushing games toward teams they want to succeed. These penalties were thrown to extend GB drives and nothing more.

People complain about FG’s, which was a lot more than Rodgers was giving his team without extreme help from the officials