Let’s do this , win lose draw? somebodies going to be bitching LOL. here we go , always pick Blue Go Lions !!!

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pathetic start.

This is gonna be fun :woman_facepalming:

Batted pass, batted pass, sack. Three and out.

TIme to let Bo do his thing.

I might leave before halftime at this rate dayum !!

I understand throwing 3rd and 2 with Stafford. With Blough in there, I am probably giving Bo another carry

Blough needs to calm the hell down and stop throwing so low it can be batted and picked.

Slay gets beat like a drum, then goes out with injury. Now that he’s hurt, Quinn should trade him for a 7th round pick.

our guys dropping like flies of course.

Slay then Davis, looks like another long day.

Man, these injuries this year are unreal.

With Davis out, our LB corps might get better.

keep thinking that.

$20 bucks says if we high/low’d a guy like that we would have gotten a penalty


Exactly - put that dude on the outside! He’s definitely out of position, especially in this defense.

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He’s actually been pretty good the last few weeks. I am done with Slay though. I am on board with moving him in the offseason


Slay is back on the field and getting abused

Can You Buy A Clue Detroit !?

Our best secondary player is in Seattle. The rest here are all trash.

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