Detroit's own Electric Six is a super underrated band. Give me one of yours

How could you possibly hate this song?

And their guitarist looks exactly like Matthew Stafford.


Have you ever seen them in the same room together? Nah, didnt think so.

I think I’m a lot older than you. But I’m going to say Accept. They never got any attention in the USA during the metal days, but I think they kick a**.

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I’m in my early 30’s, but one of my all time favorite bands is the Beach Boys. (Well, as long as Brian Wilson has his fingerprints involved.)

That said, I’ll have to check out Accept after the VGK game, thanks for the heads up! I’ve been on a metal kick lately so it works perfectly!

PS Fuck Mike Love

LOL, If you want to see Accept at it’s best and worst, look at the video for “balls to the wall”. First, it not only defines the headbanger generation, but it’s truly one of the worst videos ever. What’s so hysterical about Accept is that Udo Dirckschneider is like 5 feet tall. It was like when kid rock had Joe {whatever} with him. But to be fair, they weren’t clowns like sunset strip metal.

You still wrestling Adrian? If so, this stuff could be some good entrance music.

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My one would be Joe Bonamassa. If you play guitar or like the blues, you know the name. If not probably nothing. A child prodgity, he opened for BB King multiple times in his mid teens.

Here’s good example:

For a quick intro if you aren’t into the concert, these tonight show blurbs are great with the roots.

The guy tours incessantly, and does like 2 albums a year.

Nope, epilepsy ended that path. My body still feels it though LOL.

I appreciate the suggestions – I’ll check them out tonight!

If you’re into metal, I recommend Blaze Bayley as well. He was a short time frontman for Iron Maiden and not well received by the fans, because he’s not Bruce Dickinson, but he was good with Maiden and he’s had a heck of a solo career too.

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The guitarist kind of looks like Dr. Strangelove.

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Can we just talk for a second how crazy the video for this song is?

If you’re into hip hop and reggae, this entire album is an underrated joy… Nas and Damian Marley.

Love me some Electric Six!

Gonna start a war! A Nuclear War!

Ryan Bingham is my unknown artist.