Devastation in Midland County - Dam Collapse

Prayers for thousands in Midland County that are and will be affected

OMG, that is terrifying. Thoughts and prayers. How far is that from you, Jaded?

I’m a couple of blocks from the evacuation zone. I’m glad there was enough warning that hopefully Dow could get prepared.

Other side if the state from me but I am sure many on here are in that area. It is north of Detroit

Hoping all are safe

If the Sanford Dam goes the city of Midland MI is in trouble

Hopefully everyone had enough warning

Scary stuff

Stay safe, bud

OMG! That’s terrifying!

My aunt and uncle live close to there . They live right on Chippewa river.

Close to Midland? Or further upstream. I went to CMU and know the Chippewa River flows through Mt. Pleasant Then east until it dumps into the Tittabawassee River at Midland


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Well I hope tge are someplace safe tonight

Prayers for them

Yikes! So Wixom lake is emptying into Sanford Lake which is emptying through dozens of river miles before hitting Saginaw Bay. This is not good.

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Not good at all. Dow Chemical Plant is right on the river at Midland below Sanford Dam. Hopefully it getting flooded doesn’t cause Chemical leaks

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Good news they are in Nevada at thier 2nd home. But I have no clue if their house is ok. He has a ton of cars from the 60s in his pole barn, can’t imagine him losing all of them and his house.

That would suck hugely

Even if they are insured you can’t replace thise cars easily

I’m sure I’ll find out tomorrow. His cousin lives next door, so as of now I’m sure it’s ok.

Prayers to all …

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According to the Governor downtown Midland may be 9 feet under water by tomorrow. What a terrifying and tragic situation. I hope as little life as possible is lost.