Devastation in Midland County - Dam Collapse

So eerie, seeing Wixom Lake…GONE! There’s a video out there showing the dam as it collapsed.

When it happened here almost everyone put poured retaining walls in with the lake/river down. Don’t listen to anything the gov’t proposes, it will take years and go no where because they keep moving the goal posts.

The before and after in this article is stunning.

My aunts house on Wixom Lake is totaled. Water 5 foot inside it, house off the foundation. Total loss. She’s selling the property after it’s cleaned up/demolished.

I’m sorry to hear it brother … prayers for all effected …


Probably won’t get much for it. I have a nice “lake front” property on a dam down in NC that failed (Woodlake), and is now worth perhaps, 25% of what I paid for it. Thank goodness I bought on another lake that takes care of its dam.

Was it below the dam or on Wixom Lake?

Just curious

Sad for her in any event

A guy I used work with has a place there abouts. All I know is a neighbor stopped by to let him know he thinks his pontoon is in his tree.

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I was at Central in 86, we had 3 weeks off I believe.

I remember people wake boarding off the back of trucks in the parking lot at the Park Place Apts.

Park Place. Memories

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I lived in Park Place for 3 years when I was at CMU. Had some massive keg parties

It was very Animal House’ish during the early 80s

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Me too, late 80’s. Had to look up the name though, couldn’t remember.

Lived there for two years. Then moved to the first house behind the bookstore across from Grawn Hall. Sammy’s pizza slices and arcade.

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I put a lot of quarters through the games at the arcade at the North End of Campus next to the bookstore. I think it was called the Malt Shop?

I lived in Thorpe my first year and a half, then Park Place. My last year two guys and I rented the basement of a house south of town, straight south a couple miles from The Cabin bar

Lived in Thorpe 2 years, then park place, then behind the arcade.

When I was there the arcade and pizza shop were owned by a guy named sammy and his wife. Middle eastern family, they were real good people. I was in there nearly every night and got to know them pretty well. They moved over by the towers a couple years after I graduated. Haven’t been back down there for 25 years.

Most of my classes were at grawn hall so I lived right across the street.

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Not to derail this thread even further but here is a great CMU story:

I’m down in Naples, FL visiting my parents my senior year of college. We are in a Ruby Tuesday’s watching the NCAA tourney on the tvs. These people keep looking down at us, a couple of younger guys and a 50’s ish man. I finally ask then what the hell they are looking at and one of the younger guys gets all huffy with me and wants to fight. I go back to minding my own business and he starts fucking with me non stop. So pretty soon it ends up in the parking lot…he is wild, taking swings at me and I just keep ducking them and knocking him over. The older man is talking shit about how tough he is and that he used to be a boxer. His kid was crazy but had no idea how to fight. Next thing you know here comes security to break it up.

As we are walking away the older man comes and says I was lucky I didn’t get my ass kicked and if I wanted to call him for this ass kicking he gave me his business card.

He was the Director of the Small Business Development Center at CENTRAL MICHIGAN UNIVERSITY.

I was about a semester shy of graduating from the CMU business school and never went in and showed him he should have probably not been waiving his business card around in a parking lot trying to pick a fight. Wish I would have, but just wanted to be done. I walked by his office every day.

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A few tacos short of a combo plate. What an idiot…

Not a comment on the school, but the moron directing it.

I went to business school there too. Never liked any of my professors. Kind of a$$holes.

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