Did anybody see this?

Sounds like he’s dumping the poor play on the field squarely on the players. Which I think is fair to a certain extent, but I get the feeling the Lions are not doing as much in adjustments as they might, all I hear week after week is “fundamentals”. Which is coach-speak for the players fucked up.

I’d really like to see a write-up from somebody that explains why this defense isn’t even close to what it was once Snacks got here last year. Okay, injuries on the defensive side have really bit them hard, but dang, couldn’t they be doing some creative ways to get pressure on the QB?

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Sounds like he got extra raisins in his oatmeal this morning.


I don’t care what sites carry this topic, but it just FLOORS me to even hear him say “Lions Defense is Very Sound.”

He must be blind in one eye and can’t see out of the other. why in thee hell would you say that.??

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Like this on 1st and 10? Rushing 5, with Kennard, Daniels, Snacks, Atkins and Robinson

Know where it ends up?
15 yard completion with Snacks eating dirt. He lost his balance trying a swim move. LOL

Kennard ends up getting the closest thing to pressure there. The 4 300+ pounders were each promptly snuffed.

By the way, that’s Witten running away from Wilson (who’s doing his best impersonation of Melvin).

Yes, it’s personnel. PP is talking about just basic football. Need pressure for coverage to be good. Need coverage to be good for the rush to get home.

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This is what I’d do if I saw PP.

Of course I’m only kidding.

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C’mon Wolf, he was referencing the scheme, not the results

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when it all sucks, it don’t float with me. The scheme is garbage as well when your 30th-ranked defense. my two cents.

He can only use the players he has. Even the good players he has have been banged up all season.


Yeah, well in Canada we got rid of pennies some time ago
Listen to what you’re saying
It’s not working so everything sucks
You’ve never been part of a well planned fail that had factors you could not control?

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Really? I wish we did this year’s ago.

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notfishin is right, cubby. Sometimes you just don’t have the horses. They made some bad decisions this year and, frankly, Snacks isn’t even the player he was last year.

Our guys get no penetration whatsoever. We spend a lot of time complaining about the pass rush, but that lack of penetration is even more evident in the run game. We are worst in the league against 3rd-and-short type plays and we’re 2nd from the worst in reaching the RB in the offensive backfield.

Pennies are such a waste of time
Can you imagine… the cost to count/balance cash register money to the penny is always more than the money itself. Totally inefficient. There was ZERO backlash to rounding to the nearest nickel in Canada.
I see American pennies in our junk drawer and I want to throw them out

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FIFY :slight_smile:

This is of course true. I mentioned injuries earlier, and I do not doubt that a healthier Daniels and Hand and the rest of them would’ve resulted in a lot better results on defense. Flowers and Harrison started out the year at less than 100%, missed some or all of TC and weren’t in NFL physical condition. PSers like Strong and Atkins were pressed into service, and so the defense wasn’t really as good as it might have been. [Hafta wonder when the Lions are ever going to have a season where they are not hamstrung by injuries.] So, you roll with the available players you have, c’est la vie.

BUT - NFL coaches are supposed to adjust, create, find ways to compete. Maybe it’s true that they did just that, and the 3-6-1 record was as good as they could do considering who they were playing. Most of the time, the Lions hung in there for most of the game but couldn’t find a way in crunch time to stop the other guys. Sometimes I think we were gassed, and I don’t blame the coaches for that. But damn, when I see every week wide open receivers and nobody covering the RB coming out of the backfield, I gotta wonder WTF?


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I think we all have been part of a well planned fail beyond our control at some point in our lives
I am talking about how we nose dived defensively , but Paul is out there saying there’s nothing wrong with what he’s doing. if his scheme was solid , we wouldn’t be about dead last in that area.

Its the smart way to do it. I had an old boss that used to give the Executive Assistant his personal credit card for all of his travel…and for all of the travel for anyone in the company that didn’t have a credit card (admin staff, assistant project managers, etc). It was over $50k worth of travel a year. He’d get the credit, and the company would foot the bill for it each month.:airplane:

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