Did anyone listen to the usual BS presser?

Anyone? I heard Davis interviewed in the lockerroom and it was the same old trash Newspeak Freedom is Slavery pile of nothing.

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Here’s a compilation for those who didn’t hear it.

Oh, and one nice little additional tidbit:

Davis sounds Lionized. Bo has just a little creeping in after 2 weeks.

Never ever discount the beaten down dog emotional cloud over a lockerroom, cuz that interview set was 100% it.


Funny thing is Bo came close to being the second 100 yard rusher in a game the Lions have had in what? 1,000 years?

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Justin Coleman said Momentum. Haha

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You mean other than week 4 of 2019?

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Lionized with I-75 eyes in mid November.

Well, it looked like a team that just got beat to me. I seen zero wrong with the interviews. Are you looking for someone calling others out or what. Yea, that always works real good. They are not a very good team right now especially on Defense. Onto the next game, what more do you want?

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Don’t you think that kills the joke juuuuuust a lil bit there, wes?