Diggs crushing it on MNF

Good thing we got jack shit for him.


His 1 tackle is really keeping Seattle in the game.



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That’s LOL funny.

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I think that tackle was the difference between the 49ers getting a 19 yard gain after they completed a pass to his man vs a 20 yard gain after they completed a pass to his man

He’s been involved in quite a few plays already, he’s laid some lumber on a couple of guys. The one play where the Niners TE had his hands on the ball and Diggs popped-him and jarred the ball out.

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image https://media0.giphy.com/media/xT4uQfHn1CUGyYsiiY/giphy.gif

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LMAO :joy:


You guys can downplay Diggs all you want to make yourselves feel better. We found out the truth, he wasn’t traded because of his play, it was because he was supposed to be a Captain and was undermining the staff and questioning the defense.
He created dissension in the ranks and the Lions dealt with it appropriately.


Show me where anyone was comparing Diggs to Lebron?..we’ll all wait! LOL

smann said Barry and Calvin we’re responsible for our losing culture in an earlier thread, so grain of salt.

Meanwhile Diggs is playing in a game that matters (see: something no Lions player is doing) and actually making plays (see: something no Lions player is doing), and they laugh it off.

Absurd and stupid, but here we are.


I said they were part of it, then I said mainly CJ. I stand by that.

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The fact that he is playing in a meaningful game simply means he got traded to a team playing a meaningful game

It has no relationship as to if it was or wasn’t a good move by the Lions


Here we go!

I mean, that was cool. I am rooting for the guy. I wish we had gotten more, but he had not been playing well for us this year

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I agree

No, it means a playoff team saw his value and thought he could help make their team better and wanted him on their team.

And Diggs just picks off Garrappollo.

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The San Francisco Justin Coleman’s

Good thing Diggs was nowhere near the wide open receiver so he could be 10 yards behind him to catch the ball the wide open receiver batted up in the air