Diggs says the Lions traded him to control the voices in locker room

He’s probably right and while I think Patricia will never work out, you can’t have players opening criticizing the scheme.

What’s more problematic is Slay retweeted this.

This turning into a dumpster fire.


Maybe it isn’t though. Perhaps this just a new head coach trying to gain control of his team and create his own identity with them. Only time will tel of course but there is a chance that certain players just need to go and the lions will be okay the long run.

This type of thing kind of pisses me off. You’re getting paid millions to execute your assignments not be a player-coach.

Not disagreeing with what Diggs stated. Kind of in line with my thoughts all along. Don’t follow twitter, so what’s Slay’s retweet?

You can’t have your team captain talking shit about coaches and schemes to the rest of the team. If you want to discuss it privately with the coaches, that’s on thing, but if they feel like you are a source of negativity then you should be shipped out.


I make a hell of a lot less than Diggs and even I’m allowed to voice my opinion on leadership directions that directly impact me.

With all that being said I like Diggs and think Patricia is probably getting canned in 14 months but you still can’t be shitting on the gameplan openly

I have no idea what Patricia is running his team like, but that’s not how Belichick runs the Patriots. I’m not saying its right, I’m just letting you know. I can’t remember the guys name right now, but he was a pretty good linebacker for the Ravens and Patriots. He said the two organizations are worlds apart in how they approach things (under Harbaugh and Bill). He said going from the Patriots to the Ravens is easy, but going from the Ravens to the Pats is hard. The reason is with the Ravens, Harbaugh has an open door policy for the entire staff, and the players are welcome to voice their opinion and help formulate the gameplan for the week. You are encouraged to come in with your own ideas and share them with the group. The Pats are the opposite. You are seen as a chess piece for the coaches, and you need to just shut your mouth and listen to what the coaches are telling you to do. They don’t have time to deal with your opinion. They’ve got it all figured out and you just need to execute. Do…your…job.


My biggest take away from all this is they should have traded Slay too.

He’s obviously just as disgruntled and his value isn’t going to go up in the next 2 months

Veteran players see a green, unqualified inexperienced head coach come in to replace a guy with experience and some success. The new coach is clueless and they all see it. Some of them speak up. The least valuable one gets traded for nothing.

Don’t see this changing or ending well. Players know when their leader isn’t qualified. Nobody wants to be lead by someone who puts them in bad spots or is simply out of touch.

Also, can we stop with the Patriots comparisons yet? There isn’t 1 single thing that this franchise does that is even remotely similar to anything NE does. Nothing. We overpay for every free agent. We reach in every draft. We fuck up compensatory picks. We don’t coach to our strengths. We constantly put square pegs in round holes. We hold nobody accountable. We have no leaders.

He didn’t just retweet this, he complained about the defensive playcalling/scheme after last week’s loss. Teams know how they’re going to cover certain plays and how to attack 'em and they don’t change it up so it happens week after week after week.

Could be a commentary on scheme or even other players. If we’re leaving Melvin out there on big receivers that beat him on in-breaking routes over and over and over again, sooner or later you have to change what you’re doing with Melvin. We haven’t and you still see 3rd and longs converted while he’s trailing the receiver and they’re cracking off 17 yards before the Safety is finally able to slow them down.

What kills me most about Patricia is the Pats will change their whole defensive scheme at halftime while I haven’t seen anything comparable here.

We get beat by the same shit over and over the whole damn game.

Meh. It’s let’s say “rare” that a player that gets traded is like, hey it was like totally mutual, I love those guys and they love me. There is usually sour grapes. Did your personality change from the time this staff made you a captain and re-signed you? Maybe so. But I think that is unlikely. What I do know is your play got worse and then you got hurt and they had drafted your replacement in the draft this year if Walker worked out, which he did. If you were the 2019 Quandre Diggs, you’d probably be a Lion, but you were not and you aren’t. Always liked the guy, but this is just sour grapes IMHO. If you go back to PB form in Seattle and we bone our 5th round pick, then it was a bad move, but the move gets smarter the further we end up from those two points of distinction.

Well fwiw, Spielman said multiple times last game that Patricia switched to zone which was unexpected. There were a lot of good plays based on that and Chris pointed them out. But ultimately when a team can rip of 5-7 yard runs every single time they hand the ball off, you likely aren’t going to win the game. This is about just getting man handled at the point of attack with our Dline and that wasn’t supposed to happen. Their backup center balled out against Harrison and A’Shawn and that wasn’t supposed to happen either.

We tightened up against the run in the second half. Still couldn’t stop the crossing routes.

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Shut up and dribble, right?

I find this line of thinking to be idiotic. First of all, Diggs was a captain. Part of that role is to be a liaison between players and the coaching staff. There’s clearly unrest amongst the players regarding the defensive scheme. Even if the scheme wasn’t objectively bad by any measure, it would be part of Diggs’s job to express that to the coaching staff.

But the scheme is slow-roasted garbage. Not only does that make the players’ criticisms more valid, but their interests are absolutely impacted by this. Not only do they want to win, but playing in a shit defense puts bad tape out there and impacts their ability to earn in the future. These players are pros and have some idea of how defense can and should be played. Hell, every nitwit here (including myself) has an opinion on the defense, and I’ll guarantee that Diggs and every other player know more than any of us.

What should piss you off is Patricia’s response to whatever criticism was levied. He’s getting paid millions of dollars to put players in the best place to succeed and win games, not to be a thin-skinned tin-pot dictator that needs to exile any dissenters to protect his poor little ego.


Diggs job is to play well. He wasnt.

You nailed it, Dr. Love.

Other than a couple rookies, EVERY SINGLE player on that defense has played in a better scheme every year in their career, than the garbage they are playing in now. When they see something being asked that they know has zero chance of working (2 man rushes) they are understandably frustrated and apparently vocal. Patricia and Quinn are sack-less cowards who are unable to handle criticism. Look, Fatty Patty, YOUR defense blows. Your concept of defense blows. Look in the mirror, or listen to the players opinions. Maybe that fake rocket science thing has gone to your head. One of the best qualities of a good leader is listening and taking criticism from others.

Umm, I’m not a Laura Ingraham fan, so definitely not.

I view football teams like the military. Command and control and subordination are typically prerequisites for success.

I think a “team leader” stoking dissent over leadership’s decisions needs to be dealt with aggressively. You simply can’t let the sailors run the ship.


I’m as proplayer as they come and I think Patricia is a failure in everyway as a headcoach but this stuff is outta line.

I actually think Slay should be suspended for retweeting it.

You hate to see teams air their dirty laundry out in public. There’s nothing good that can come from it. It appears Slay is pushing his way out the door with the retweet. It sucks because I love his game.

Buuuuut, it’s the coaching staff’s responsibility to put the players in the best position to succeed. We continue to play the same exact scheme every week and expect different results. We are spiraling into a 5th grade level of defense as we have not adjusted enough to stop getting gashed from week to week, where good teams learn to adjust from series to series. It’s sad. It’s easy to sit back and say players need to execute better, but when they continually show that they can’t then it’s a coaching problem.

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