DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh CB from Tennessee

Could this be the Quinntricia “MO” for the off-season in 2020?

  • They love ex-Patriots! Patricia himself, Amendola, Flowers, Coleman, ______.
  • Quinn spends money and will go after his targets early in Free Agency.
  • Quinn is not afraid to trade a high profile, impact player. (see Quandre Diggs)
  • Fact: Darius Slay was on the trade block in October and the Lions received many calls but never pulled the trigger.
  • The stars are aligning for the Lions who sit at the #3 overall pick, to make a potentially huge trade with a team looking to move up for one of the Franchise QB’s in the 2020 Draft.

How does it play out?

  1. The Slay trade. There are many ways to look at this player and his trade value. The trade market for CB’s seems to be very lucrative in today’s NFL. Big name CB’s in their prime have been traded over the last few seasons, Marcus Peters and Jalen Ramsey. The market value is high and the Lions could reap some nice returns for the trade of a Pro Bowl CB.

What teams were interested in Slay?

Philadelphia Eagles and the Indianapolis Colts were two teams heavily rumored for Slay before last years deadline. Both teams have the ammo necessary to pull off a trade for Slay and sign him to a long term extension. (According to the Colts have 9 draft picks $86 million in estimated cap-----the Eagles have 10 draft picks and $40 million in estimated cap)

Lions trade Darius Slay to the Indianapolis Colts for their #34 and a 2021 3rd round pick.

  1. Quinn spends money and will go after his targets early in Free agency. Who does he target?

Logan Ryan CB. Free agent CB coming off a 3 year $30 million contract with the Titans. He will follow the money again and land in Detroit with open arms to his old DC Matt Patricia. Perfect fit for everyone involved. Logan Ryan gets another lucrative contract with money that would have been used on a pricey Slay extension…see above. Logan steps in and has an immediate impact from a leadership standpoint and from his previous experience in this system. Day 1 target for Quinntricia at the start of Free agency.

Another potential target I could see fit into the Quinntricia “MO” is Vic Beasley LB. Former 1rst round pick is set to hit the Free agent market and may be an early target for the Lions in the process.

So where do the Lions sit at this point heading into the NFL draft in April?

-Slay is traded for the #34 overall pick and a 2021 3rd round pick to the Indianapolis Colts.
-Lions sign two impact starters to the Defense (Logan Ryan CB and Vic Beasley LB)

NFL Draft

Thats2 has a good thread up about “Paying a premium to trade up for a QB”.
I thought is was a great read with good analysis on the value of where the Lions are sitting at in the Draft.

Dolphins make a move for their franchise QB. I don’t know who it will be. Could be Burrow, Tua, Herbert? Whichever one they pick…the Dolphins target and secure, using the ammo they’ve built up just for this purpose, to trade with the Lions and select their Franchise QB.

From thats2 thread: We’ll use his first example of a Dolphins trade to move up to the #3 spot.

For instance, a 30% overpay from the Dolphins for the 3rd pick would look something like: #5 overall, #26, #39. Or, #5 overall, #18 overall, 2021 3rd round pick. Or, #5 overall, #26, #70, 2021 2nd round pick. Something along those lines. And we might be able to get more than that.

Lions trade down to #5 and in addition receive the #26 and #39 picks in the 2020 NFL draft.

So after all the dust settles from the Slay trade, Free agency, and a blockbuster trade at the top of the draft…

The Lions sit with the:

Logan Ryan CB
Vic Beasley LB

#5 (Dolphins) Jeff Okudah CB Ohio State
#26 (Dolphins)
#34 (Colts)
#35 (Lions)
#39 (Dolphins)

I’ll let you draft gurus fill in the rest of the blanks. This off-season does not seem to far out of reason for the Lions.

We’ll see how it all plays out…

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I like it!

I’d like to find a way to keep Slay, but they may be better off hiw you laid it out.

I truly enjoy reading these scenarios.

I do like Slay and he’s been a good player for the Lions and great for the community with the work he does.

I think Quintricia has created the riff between the Lions and Slay…and I don’t believe it can be repaired. The contract “hold out” with Snacks and him soured me a bit though…and his body was never right for the season.

I prefer to trade Slay and what better place to send him than a Schwartz led defense with th Eagles. I want the Lions to get the most value out of him in a trade. But I also want him in a good place to succeed.

I like him, but it’s time to move on.

Also, I have no faith in Quinn to be able to mend fences…Quinn is in his “Mayhew” phase as a GM where he can’t admit mistakes or correct them.

Interesting enough, I just received this alert on my CBS sports app.


I just saw this as well. If I’m Bob Quinn, I give him a reasonable 2 year extension (beyond next season). Something that a 20 year old CB who is past his prime, but still pretty serviceable warrants. If Slay and his agent are miles apart, then move him asap and get what you can. I am not breaking the bank to keep a guy with diminishing skills who seems like he couldn’t care less about wins and losses.

The Lions sit with the:

Logan Ryan CB I sign James Bradberry CB Younger Logan will be 29 this month
Vic Beasley LB Need to know why his production fell off so much Kamalei Correa would be a good signing an we have his coach now.

#5 (Dolphins) Javon Kinlaw DT
#26 (Dolphins) Josh Jones, OT
#34 (Colts) Tee Higgins, WR
#35 (Lions) Trevon Diggs, CB
#39 (Dolphins) Bradlee Anae, EDGE
Just a example of what you would add along with CB Bradberry an LB Correa That would be a nice add 7 players all should start . an in rd three an later who knows. This doesn’t take into account other FA that could be added an hope Snacks comes back for a year.

I know others would have ideas but just shows the possible talent we could add for future.

Using Diggs as the evidence he is willing to trade a big name guy doesn’t work. I don’t see the Lions trading Slay unless he is asking for a crazy amount of money and they don’t think they can re-sign him. Neither of which I see today.

Do I see Quinn being aggressive? Yes, I do think he knows that everyone needs to see a playoff team next year. I suspect they will be very aggressive addressing the defense and a possible surprise on Offense. They are in a great position to trade down and get an excellent TD package. I can see a possible double trade down scenario if we get more than two teams vying for a top QB. This is something I could see happening:

TD #3 - #5 + 17 + 2nd + 2021 3rd
TD #5 - #6 + 2nd (to get Herbert and fend off Jax or Car)
TD #36 - #44-46 + 3rd

FA - top DT/ER

  1. CB Okudah - Starter
  2. DL Kinlaw/Epenesa - Starter/Rotation
  3. OT Becton - Starter RT
  4. QB BPA (Fromm/Love/Hurts) - backup/developmental
  5. RB BPA (Taylor/Dobbins/Swift) - Starter/Rotation
  6. S Winfield - Starter/Rotation
  7. WR Johnson/Aiyuk - Rotation/Developmental

This would load up the Lions with talent and give them the flexibility to let some veterans go in trade or cut. It also gives them a quality QB to develop. You can replace a guy here or there with a top OG, LB or a 2nd OT so that you can make a more reasonable decision on Decker.

[quote=“JRLIONS, post:7, topic:3559, full:true”]
***Using Diggs as the evidence he is willing to trade a big name guy doesn’t work. I don’t see the Lions trading Slay unless he is asking for a crazy amount of money and they don’t think they can re-sign him. Neither of which I see today.***[/quote]

JRLIONS, why can’t Diggs be used as an example of Quinn moving an impact player? Regardless of accolades, different positions, or any other example of a difference between Slay and Diggs…

…Diggs was a high profile, impact player on the Lions team. He was well liked and performed at a relative high level during his time here in Detroit. The compensation will not be the same but the point still remains the same. Quinn is not afraid to move a talented player.

Couple other facts along with reasonable speculation:

  1. Slay and the Detroit Lions have yet to agree to a contract extension. They had all of the 2019 off-season to work out a deal and could not come to agreement. You say you “don’t see” Darius Slay “asking for a crazy amount of money”.

Quote from the article back in October:

Slay stayed away from the team this spring in hopes of landing a new contract, but reported to training camp without a new deal. The Lions have so far balked at giving him a third contract as he approaches his 29th birthday.

Asked Wednesday if part of him hoped to be traded at the deadline, Slay said he was indifferent.

“I don’t care,” he said. “I’m a millionaire, dude.”

Slay wants to get paid. He will play for whatever team pays him the most. And I don’t judge him for one second on his life decisions. Get paid young man.

  1. Slay was on the trade block around the trade deadline in October. Lions were in communication with several teams listening to offers for Slay. That is a fact. I’m not saying the Lions are actively trying to move on from Slay…but they are rightfully listening to offers and have shown a willingness to move on from Slay if the right offer is presented.

I like Darius Slay. I’m a fan of his and I’ll tune in to see what he’s doing if he moves to another team. He’s a great player and a great personality.

“I wouldn’t mind playing my whole career here,” Slay said. “Who wouldn’t want to just play on one team? But it’s a whole business. Can’t have your hopes up.”

I would love to see Slay finish his career in Detroit. Listen to his advice JRLions…don’t get your hopes up too high.

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It’s looking a lot more like Slay may be in another uniform next season.

He’s a great player, a great personality, and I’ll be rooting for him if he moves on.

With all that said…it’s the right move for Quinn and the Lions. The corner back trade market has been quite lucrative in recent years. The Lions need to “sell high” and continue to build moving forward with the assets they gain.

I’m still calling Philly or Indy. One of those two cities Slay will be living in next season.

Trading Slay and signing another Free Agent CB and getting a high 2nd round pick feels almost too good to be true…and then add-in the trade-down from the #3 to #5 pick just seems surreal, like something other teams do and not the Lions.

I love me some Slay but I think this Front Office has done their damage on players and Slay in particular. I’m probably a bigger fan of Slay than this team…and especially this Front Office, Quinn is a dunce but whatever, he’s just a dunce in a long line of dunces running this franchise.