DJ Reader is GONE to Bengals for 4 yrs $53M

Still plenty of options out there at a lot less money.

Wow. Even the Bengals are getting starters.


Wow. I figured he would max out near 14. I’m surprised we weren’t a buyer at up to 56.

That would make way too much sense.


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Pretty much what I think. Let’s see who they wind up with.

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Why sign proven vets like Reader and Jack Conklin when you can pay backups 10 mil per year?

But paying snacks a 1 year extension at $11 million is okay? Ha


Bro I dunno, perhaps they felt he better then reader at the time and was worth the money. snacks was graded out as the best run stopping NT over the last several years. And 11 is cheaper then 13? Who the fuck knows unless we are in the room part of the decision making? :man_shrugging:t2::joy:

Everything about the Snacks situation reads like a guy who was banged up last year, wants to keep playing for a couple years, but doesn’t want to play for this organization anymore.

He handled it gracefully, but that’s what it feels like.


Time will tell

It’s exactly what it is. The word is out. Rumors in the NFL spread like coronavirus. When you give away Diggs, and respected guys like Snacks and Slay have nothing good to say. Then you’re on the verge of cutting another captain in Kennard, who was one of a few guys who were not the problem last year, you lose all credibility.

I don’t know why anyone would sign here unless we pay them a 20% premium and they are on their last deal. (see the O lineman we just over paid severely). (See the 90MM we gave Flowers). (see the redic money we gave James who does nothing)

Why sign proven vets like Wagner, Lang, Daniels, Harrison.

There comes a time in an NFL players life when they say to themselves… “I’m not the player I used to be. Where can I go take advantage of a POS GM who will severely overpay me?”

Andrew Billings please

As long as he comes with a Kaepernick tryout… I think it’s going to be Shelton at about 12M per. Joseph as a backup plan. Would not mind adding Billings to the rotation if reasonable. We still have to replace A’Shawn and Harrison. Wanted Reader or Phillips, but thought Shelton would be the guy. We’ll see.

Why do you think of Billings as a rotational guy. I think he can be a starting nose with some pass rush upside. He just turned 24 last week (which is insane btw) so I don’t think the die is cast.

Really it’s just size at 6’0 311 (even though I know well his story and strength) coming from Snacks at 6’3 350. I think Billings as a starting 4-3 NT is doable. I don’t think he’s a starting 3 man front NT that could do what Snacks at his best did in this system. Now can he replace A’Shawn? Absolutely yes. That’s what I see him as. We will be looking for a Shelton at 6’2 345 or Poe at 6’3 346 as our starting NT. I think that’s going to be our last big signing.

Just to put it in perspective when Vince Wilfork debuted he was 23.5 years old. Billings will be 24.5 to start next year (his fourth). He’s an inch shorter and 15 pounds lighter than (young) Wilfork. He’s much more athletic than Wilfork as well. For me he’s an ideal second contract. We’d be getting the peak of his prime and there is a ton of upside due to his athleticism. I don’t think he’s actually Vince Wilfork good of course. I just think he has a similar square body type