Do we have any chance at getting Chase Young?

How high is he supposed to go?

No. Top two.

At this point I have decided to get excited about our draft stock :blush:. It’s all we’ve got left this season!

We would need to draft higher than the Giants most likely

Would have to trade up. I normally hate doing that, but since we would use our 2nd rounder on a 5th round talent anyway, I would trade up. He is that dominant

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I dont know why we couldnt get a top 2 pick. i dont see us winning anymore games. The only thing that separates us from the number 2 pick is 1 game. We lose out and 5 other teams win 1 and it could be possible. Then we would have to assume Cin was taking a QB as well.

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K Murray the LB from Oklahoma is also one to keep an eye on. Top ten talent and a three down linebacker. Plug him in the middle and move Davis to a Leo role (and teach him how to finish tackles)

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I would take a stud LB if we picked around 8 again. Still hate that we took Hock over Bush last draft. We had zero tight ends in 2018, then we went all in on them in the offseason and got less production. James flat out sucks and Hock has been invisible since week 1


What hurts us is that we also have a tie, so we lose the tiebreak with all other 3 win teams. Also, not sure if it will happen, but if Stafford comes back we are probably winning some games, even without defense.

Well, we have an extra 5th Rd pick we have to move up with…derp.

Gotta be edge, CB or stud LB.

And they have to spend big in free agency.
On. Multiple. Positions.

Nibbling at the margins after one big FA or top draft pick has so far failed.


Does anyone know the status on Stafford? I agree if he does come back we might end up winning the Denver game at least. Yea the tie hurts us a lot.

He will go likely #1 and maybe two if someone really needs a QB. We are not going to have the high of a pick. Tanking doesn’t make sense.

The Lions are currently drafting at 7. The Tua injury hurts. Who knows how far he will fall now.

1-Bengals could draft a QB or go with Chase Young
2-Giants just took a QB so they’ll take Young if he’s there.
3-Miami they need a QB
4-Washington just took a QB. They’d take Young if they get a shot.
5-Denver Who knows what Elway will do. They just drafted Drew Lock last year and Bradley Chubb the year before. I think he’d take Young if they have a shot.
6-Atlanta has been dying for an edge rusher so if they continue to lose Young has to be high on their list.

So in summary, no we don’t have a shot unless we draft top 3 and both teams in front of us take QBs.

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I think the Bengals have solidified the #1OA spot. I can very well see them going after a QB. Obviously nobody knows what they are going to do. I dont know much about Burrows but lots think he will be #1OA.

I think cincy for sure drafts a qb 1oa, I have seen mocks with the redskins picking an OT at 2.

I would try to trade up to 2 for Young, he is exactly what this defense needs.

Washington needs to take a good look at the best LT

I assume Joe Burrow and Tua Tagovailoa will be drafted in the top 5.

Outside of Chase Young, I like Grant Delpit from LSU. Another is NB/LB/S Isaiah Simmons from Clemson and DT Javon Kinlaw from South Carolina.

I’ll bet money Burrow and another QB are the 1st 2 picks.

3 is the sweet spot for Chase.

All depends on the teams draft slots. This is another reason I’d like to be up there. If we were sitting at 2, we could either just take Young, or some QB desperate team could try to hand you extra picks to move up. Either way, it wont matter if the same guy is making the decisions. I trust Quinn like I would have trusted Michael Jackson to babysit my kids.

I think we lose out get high enough that he can’t blow it like Calvin and Millen.

Patricia can’t coach so even though said player is good they still get broomed in 2020 but cupboard is stocked well enough for a quick turnaround ala the Eagles and last years Colts.