Do we have any electricians on here?

Have you gotten this resolved yet? What ended up being the issue? Bad GFCI? Bad breaker? Some other appliance failing?

I have an electrician coming out on Monday. From my descriptions, they think it may be a grounding issue as well. I will post here with whatever they find.

The grounding issue could be related to the interference you were seeing . It would have no role in why the 2 outlets in the dining room are not working …if they worked before and do not now …

The Hot or Neutral are disconnected at a point leading to those outlets or at the outlet itself or as I said earlier a GFCI is tripped in line before those 2 outlets which is the same as Hot or Neu being disconnected via the trip of a GFCI outlet .

Or you’ve just found out what that switch does that you’ve always wondered about

I bartended a blue collar place years ago and you wanted as many trades people in there that didn’t scare the women as possible. Throw a couple free beers and it’s amazing what got fixed using the “free” materials from their trucks. Closing time, “Don’t you electricians have ohms?”, was their cue that the party was over. “Pick up your carry outs and carry out your pickups”, pretty much got the rest of them to the exits.

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