Do we need Stafford to play this year to get better return?

I was wondering what everybody thought . Do you think he needs to play and show he is not hurt to get a bigger haul in a trade .

Quinn and Patricia are here for 2020 at minimum , they will not trade Stafford nor should they .
The only thing that allows the Lions to remotely compete at this time is Stafford .
Why in GOD’S name would you allow Quinn and Patrica to set you up for the future at QB if you can’t be sure they will be around to develop the guy you replace him with .

Ridiculous .


The time to consider trading Stafford would have been early in Quinn’s tenure. Instead, he gave him the biggest contract in NFL history (at the time). He made his bed. No way Quinn should be allowed to move on from Stafford and start over. That is for the next GM and coach to decide.

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My point being that Quinn and Patrica get fired this year . And then we start a complete rebuild .

Put David Blough in, let’s see what this guys got.

Stafford isn’t getting traded.

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Nor will I waste my time on a serious response.


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Why oh why

2 yrs consecutive back injuries. Never won a big game. Top 10 contract.

Not gonna get enough for that to burn the house down and rebuild.

Stafford isn’t getting traded. Quinn and Patricia aren’t leaving. Not anytime soon. Probably not Bevel, either. They are in for a longer haul than some of you will be able to take. Through next year at the very least and probably through 2021, 22. It takes a while to straighten out a birds nest of a mess that’s 60 years in the making. It’s like the first time you used a bait caster. It’s not like opening the windows and airing the room out. This stink has permeated into the floorboards, walls, ceiling and from the attic to the basement. I’m thinking 3, 4, 5 years minimum. Better settle in, get comfortable and watch the show. We’ve only started the cartoons. The real drama hasn’t even started yet. Some of us won’t be here for the end.


I think its crazy people think what happened to this team 20 years ago as any bearing on what’s happening right now

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It’s a huge risk putting Stafford out there even thogh he “could be” partially healed, all it takes is one accidental helmet to his back…and Matt is right back out anyway. IF our o-line could pass protect for 5 seconds maybe, but they have been weak asf lately.

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Nah…Stafford needs to stay home and love his wife and kids, heal. Hopefully, in this draft, we can get an OL that can get push in the run game and pass block.


Come January we’re going to realize that a TON of this team could be transitioning out as contracts end. The needs meter is high already – and i’m not sure what the priorities will be. Ah well, we will have time to sort that out …

Showcase Stafford for trade?
It seems that, no matter how absurd the thought, someone has to have it

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nice analogy & sooo true

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Don’t forget the black mold.

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Stafford will not be traded. This idiocy needs to go away.

It’s the culture. A long history of complacency.