Do we really need a DT?


Da’Shawn Hand 93 DL 6-3 297 24 3 Alabama

John Atkins 99 DT 6-3 320 27 2 Georgia

Olive Sagapolu 78 DT 6-2 331 23 1 Wisconsin

Danny Shelton DT 6-2 345 26 6 Washington

Kevin Strong 92 DT 6-4 285 23 2 UTSA

Nick Williams DT 6-4 310 30 5 Samford

Yes. We need a guy that projects as a starter. Brown, if he were as good as it’s reported, would fit wonderfully.


Ross Tucker



Don’t care how many times Okudah gets mocked to the Lions I still think they’ll take Auburn DT Derrick Brown. They’ve got by far the worst DT group in the NFL.


Yea I can post many DT that are not starters too. Sheesh!

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There are still legit concerns here, ESP. noting that this scheme doesn’t work without a very solid player in the middle. We saw that in 2018 early and in 2019. Can Danny Shelton be that guy? He sure helped the Patriots in 2019. Maybe but if Shelton craps out OR gets hurt no one on the roster is set to play that role.

I have been mocking DT Leki Foto to the Lions for a while now in the 3rd rd. but if the Lions go Derrick Brown that changes that projection.

This defense also needs a pocket pushed into a QB to force a QB to step outside. This team didn’t get that done in 2019 and the defense suffered because of that.

I think it is a more honest statement that the Lions are in better shape at CB than DT in that rotations are keep on the DL and Shelton has no one behind him at all who can give critical snaps at that position.

So yes, top end talent at THE key position in this defense IS important. The Lions were so desperate to fill this position they took a long shot on Harrison who may be out of the league now.

The question, of course, is given the possibility that Blacklock, Gallimore, and Marlon Davidson will all be there at No 35, are they that much of a drop off, especially considering we’re not talking about an Aaron Donald or Suh level player. Or, will there be a bigger drop off at CB after the likely run on them in Rd 1?

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And there’s another, not to mention Agim.

I sure hope they’re able to trade down and pick up an extra 2d Rd pick. That would make the draft a whole lot easier.

Lols Marlon Robinson ? Who is he ?
Or do u mean Marlon Davidson.

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I’ll take “A list of guys who wouldn’t make the Ravens practice squad” for $400, Alex.

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Senior moment.

I Have them all the time.

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I think it’s important to remember Shelton only took 48% of the snaps for the Pat’s. Brown is a 330# beast, in all likelihood becoming our best DT day one. There is no one to pick up the remaining 52% of snaps Shelton is out.

We play a multiple front. Brown can play lined up in a 3-4 or 4-3 and played at DE as well for Auburn.

Sure you can find a big body later, but let’s be honest, that big body is 2-3 RDs later for a reason and Brown is not just the best DT coming out, but a top 5 player in the draft. Do you really want Shelton our best DT, sitting, while a mid Rd DT, who is not as good, is playing more than him?

Here’s a good take[



Yeah, after looking at our roster, DT seems to be the weakest positional group.

I would much rather have Kinlaw than Brown.


Yes. We can name bottom of the roster guys all day long at any position. We lost Harrison and that was filled by Shelton. But we also lost A’Shawn and I don’t think Williams is our ideal starter, more depth guy. But we ALSO lost Daniels who we brought in despite having Hand (before injury). So yes, we need at least one starting level DT and perhaps 2 counting one for depth. Gallimore/Fotu, Elliot/Roy something along those lines.

What’s the word on Mike Daniels anyways?
I wonder if he’s someone we could resign cheaper this year?
I’d be willing to give him 5 million for a one year prove-it deal.

Yep and we have one of the highest paid CB groups in the NFL too.

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I wouldn’t mind Daniels back if we lose out in the draft at 3t. But he’d have to give us a whopper discount based on what he got vs delivered last season. I would prefer a draft pick though, as I just don’t trust his wheels not to fall off… again.

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I agree and getting a DT in Daniels that can hit the ground running knowing what Patricia is and wants adds value in 2020 as well …
Guys are going to be coming in unprepared with little practice time …Daniels when Healthy is a hell of a DT that would slide right in

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