Do you draft Joe burrow if he falls to lions at #3?

If bengals take chase young at #1 , it can happen know . Joe is humble and look like next Peyton Manning in my observation . He came from a poverty level high Ohio area, he is the poor neighborhood quarterback I was looking for , he has a lot to prove and will be street smart . Tua is little risky , but joe sound promising to me

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In that scenario which is really unlikely someone would trade up with Washington for Burrow as Young was who they were going to pick.So we would still miss out on the top 2 players in the draft.

Or they would draft him. New regime, may want their own guy in there if they don’t believe in Selfie Haskins. Wouldn’t be the first time a new staff came in and took another QB. Cinci would have to be a special kind of stupid though to pass over a QB in their current situation.

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I am saying this because things change when draft get closer. My only worry is he didn’t play much football than this tree and he had talents in front of him

The GM of the Bungholes would be probably publicly beaten by fans if he passed on burrow for young

Yes. No brainer IMO.

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No …Burrow is a QB that has the highest floor and likely the most ready to start skill set…but also the lowest Ceiling … His arm strength will limit him . His small body of proof and bad 2018 film can’t be dismissed

Tua to me would be the guy you could not pass up PRE INJURY, post injury I do not touch him …

With Justin Herbert the best of the Bunch as far as ceiling goes and ArmTalent , he is not a day one starter and needs molding . I like him the best as a sit and learn QB who would be ready to go in 2021 or 2022 …

Good breakdown.

Although, I’m not sure I agree on Burrow. His accuracy is much better than Herbert’s and it clicked for Burrow like no other QB ever in college, i think Brees and Brady have proven that accuracy is more important than arm strength.

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No you trade the pick for a ransom. #ainthappening


They will come a runnin’…


I agree. The Cardinals just did it with Rosen 2018 and then Murray 2019.

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The 2018 tape on Burrow is sloppy sauce , not an accurate passer.

2019 he was down right Special … How is Joe playing when they are down big and have to abandon the run in the NFL . Or when the RPO offense is getting stuffed early and often . The deep out or deep in against NFL CB’s is a different world .
Living in Shotgun at LSU and a running game with the Bengals that will require him to be under center a ton . I’m just skeptical because of the one year phenom was just that .

No. You trade down and get a nice haul of extra picks. But I don’t see that possibility as having any chance of happening.

I don’t know, I was just reading how in 2018 he was better than his stats and his arm threat opened up their run game

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That article was written after the 3rd game of the season when LSU went 3-0 in 2018.

Joe had a completion percentage of about 46% and was averaging 180 yds per game passing .
You can stroke or twist anything you want as a writer of an article but Burrows sucked when that article was written & he entered the 2019 season as a QB not in the top 25 and a possible late round pick or UDFA in the 2020 Draft .

No. God, no.

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You guys remember Rodgers falling. Hebert is the best QB this year. Do not make a mistake like this. Another Joey, aaaaaaaaaarrrrggggghhhhhhhh.

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Agree 100% …He is not ready though . Herbert is a stellar talent and prospect that needs the game to slow down , he needs to know the playbook inside and out before he takes a snap . The offense at Oregon did him no favors as far as reading defenses or going through multiple progressions … He is behind in that development .

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Agree about his college system stunting his development.

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Any question on this still after tonight?