Does Anybody Here Not Feel Lions Fans Are Being Gamed

Something stinks to high heaven about todays game against the Bears. The Lions moving ball with relative ease, Bears can’t get a first down. Then, defense collapses in last minute of first half and offense doesn’t do a thing the rest of the game. I say the game was deliberately thrown after the brass got a look at the backup QB. What else could explain it? Unless Stafford’s injury was sustained on the final drive of the Raiders game, he should have been in the game today.

Dude, our defense has been collapsing all year


I think the Lions just shit the bed too easily.

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Felt like a scripted game. Defense was playing great in the 1st half until the last drive. All of a sudden, Chicago scores another to start the 2nd. Detroit tries to come back at the end… and comes up short. Got to keep the game close/crowd entertained I guess.

I’m sure all the players just agreed to let the Bears move the ball and score.
Do people actually believe this?


It’s possible. Why would the defense stop playing D at the end of the 1st half? All the missed face mask calls to end drives. PI call that was way over the head non-catchable the negated the play to keep the drive going. PI calls when there was a non-PI.

Trubisky plays like crap the entire first half and all of a sudden is the league MVP in the second… weird…

Refs…refs…refs. btw fuck the NFL won’t watch any game or the Superbowl till they stop fucking over certain teams. You wonder why it’s always new England for AFC. Need a fucking story. It’s always good to have one good team, it makes the league Money.

This is so ridiculous.

2 people in any walk of life can’t keep a secret but entire football teams with everyone millionaires are going to fix games and then keep it a secret?


Not to mention when I was growing up the Patriots were a joke of an organization.

What event led to the NFL suddenly anointing them as the next great team?

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But let’s be honest, before the dynasty began…they had already played in 2 Super Bowls.

The Arizona Cardinals have worse ownership, a smaller media market and they can’t fill their stadium yet they have been to Super Bowl and a NFC championship game in the last 12 years despite having 1 mediocre coach and a slightly above average one.

The fact we were a 9 win team with a quarterback entering his 30s and we went full tear down instead of win now tells you its poor decisions moreso than a conspiracy


It’s not a conspiracy in the sense that the League is singling out the Lions. I don’t believe that. I do believe though that both the NBA and NFL prefer certain brands. But the Ravens, Bucs. Eagles, Colts and Saints have won without the advantage of being a big brand. It can happen. It’s just that much more difficult for the have nots.

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The league is rigged. I’ve been saying for 10 years.

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No but it sure felt like the team folded and effort decreased.

Uh, maybe winning?

NFL fans are being gamed.

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The coaching staff could easily throw a game. Just keep calling what isn’t working. Pull your star players off the field at the worst possible moment, just like they did against the Raiders. Sit your superstar QB. Are you effing kidding me, you don’t think it’s possible for a team to tank deliberately?!

Smaller Media Market?? The City of Phoenix proper is the fifth largest city in the United States of America and the Phoenix Metro area is the 11th largest.
What is the population of Phoenix metro area?


US: 11th

That’s over half a million people more then the metro area of Detroit.

US: 14th

Detroit/Metro population

What was it when they went to the Super Bowl in 2009?

It was barely 4 million.

That’s not what you said in your original post. If that’s what you intended that’s fine. When you added the NFC championship game; it wasn’t until 2015 season how would anyone know that you’re referencing 2009 ? But either way is fine. Simply put the statement in the way that you made it was incorrect. Even using the 2010 census provided the link to, Phoenix was approximately 100,000 Less than Detroit metro. But since then obviously continues to grow at a much faster rate which is why it’s over a half a million more now.