Does D'Andre Swift Respond?

I’m hopeful that he can shake off the drop and become a productive pro, but that sort of gaffe can be traumatic. What percentage chance do you give him of rebounding versus being personally Lionized?

I have no insights on his mental toughness or work ethic, so curious what others may think.

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hoping Peterson has a similar impact on Swift to how VandenBosh did on Suh. Really helped him grow, as a professional.

He will be fine.

But a good HC would have never put him in that position.

The position of being wide open to catch the game winning perfectly thrown pass?

Odd? All the great players in history in basketball and football WANTED the coach to put the ball in their hands with the game on the line?

I don’t remember TO or Michael Irvin saying “Don’t throw it to me in the end zone on the final play!!! I might drop it!!!” or Larry Bird saying “Coach, I don’t want to take the last shot. I might miss”

Most players LIVE and DREAM of being put in the position he was in. He was given the most respect a player can get from his coach…the chance to (literally) grab the victory for his team.

And he blew the opportunity to be a hero to his teammates and the fans. Oh well. He blew the opportunity. But let’s not pretend that isn’t the position that players dream of being put in from the time they are little kids. He just choked. It’s OK to admit it.


Terrible take. Blame the coaching staff for giving up a 23-6 lead, but don’t blame the coaching staff for calling a play that got a guy wide open, and don’t blame the quarterback for putting the pass on target.


I’m sure he’s had his share of ups and downs throughout his career. It’s just one game. Swift is mentally tough, or he would have never made it to where he is.


Yep - You don’t put a rookie in his first NFL game, on his first TD pass, in a game winning situation in that spot. Never!

I have zero issue with the play. I have an issue with the personnel. Put your veteran RB in there.

We barely gave Swift any snaps in that game. His wasn’t ready to be put in that position. A good coach wouldn’t do that.

Swift had more snaps than any RB. He did great. Perfect route that shows you what Swift can do and why we brought him here. Just need to secure the catch.

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He had 5 NFL receiving targets. That is 5 career NFL receiving targets - he caught 3 and none were in the end zone.

That was his very first chance at a TD pass in a game winning situation. You do not ask a rookie to make that catch. That’s very poor planning by the coaching staff.

Have to say I’m on the fence on this one. It was an easy catch but yeah, probably should have been KJ in there instead.
But…as much as I dislike MP, he doesn’t say who goes in on which play on offense, that would be on Bevell.

Yet they are geniuses if he makes that play, right?

Sometimes the margin is so small.

IMO, they brought Swift in to do exactly what he did (sans drop it). That play was practiced and it was expected to be executed.


Agreed. Love Swift. Think he’ll be fine. He dropped a ball, it was just a really bad one to drop. Definitely think he’s gonna be a difference maker here.

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I respect both sides here but… rookie or not… this was about fundamentals and he forgot the mental part at the end…

He had it… And as he turned to look for the end one he forgot basic fundamentals of securing the ball first… secure the ball and fall… where ever you end up u end up

He took eyes of the football and that is basic imho…

Now! He knows he can do it! He knows to stay fundamentally sound and I am sure this will actually be a good learning experience for him overall…

I hope this very Sam situation come up in a future game and he balls it first and the hits the end zone!! :+1::crazy_face::heart::pray::upside_down_face:

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I think big time players make big time plays. And chokers choke. He just proved he’s not pressure player.

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Lol wow.

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from theathletic

D’Andre Swift racked up 1,346 yards from scrimmage and 13 touchdowns as a sophomore at Georgia. It was a breakthrough season that saw him emerge as one of the country’s most dynamic weapons and firmly plant himself among the top 2020 NFL Draft prospects at his position. And it ended in utter misery for him.

His Bulldogs coughed up a 14-point lead in the SEC title game and lost to Alabama 35-28, costing them a playoff berth. Then, in the Sugar Bowl against Texas, Swift bottomed out: eight carries, 12 yards, two fumbles. “For him to fumble the ball twice, it left a very sour taste in his mouth,” his father, Darren Swift, told “… That one is always going to haunt him.”

There are moments like this for every athlete — tests of resolve, born of failure. Swift faces one now as a Lions rookie, after letting a Week 1 victory over the Bears slip through his fingertips in the closing seconds.

He stared one down at Georgia, too, between the ’18 and ’19 seasons, when he had to decide what to make of that Sugar Bowl disappointment. Swift banked it. Used it to fuel his workouts throughout the spring and summer. He didn’t fumble again until midway through November of the following year, as he was en route to a 1,218-yard rushing total.

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Calvin dropped the ball going into the end zone too against Seattle… What a bust.

I’m not worried about Swift, he’ll be fine. I am however concerned about Okudah and the massive expectations that will be had of him this weekend especially…wish we knew if he truly was hurt last week, or if he’s not ready in the minds of the staff. If Okudah has an absolute dumpster fire of a game, he/this org will get slammed, especially after how the 2nd CB taken in the draft, CJ Henderson, had a great debut performance for the Jags. I’m personally torn, he had a shortened training camp (but so did everubody), so I expect a learning curve, but when you pick someone #3,who isnt a QB, that pick has to be a plug n play starter…lets hope he’s at least functional. Got his work cut out for him againt Arog…

I think you’ve got to get the kid involved early. Not ride AP all game then expect the rookie to win the game at the end. We have a tendency to get tunnel vision. I understand riding the hot hand, but no you don’t have to hand off to AP a third time into a stacked box after 2 successful runs. Run a play-action “dagger” throw up top maybe…

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Getting the kid involved early is sport on. Give him some work to get a feel of the NFL.

I feel that this is another indictment of Patricia game planning. Yes, Bevell is the OC, but the head coach is most certainly involved with how much a rookie like Swift is going to be utilized after missing so much of camp.