Does this mean BQ is going offense?

I seriously think the Lions could go offense with their early pick. OT, WR maybe?

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Hard to say.

But I will say that I don’t think its a coincidence that our two biggest needs were EDGE rusher and CB and that it just so happens is there is a great chance for one or the other with our first pick.

But they could easily go offense too…

He also said this.

And this

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I think they could absolutely go cornerback in the 2nd. Easily. That pick may not be ready on day one, but there are some decent options there. Some guys with enough speed and height/length to be excellent press guys i.e. Diggs or Terrell for examples sake.

If they go offense, the spot that makes the most sense to me is tackle.

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I think the value is at OT before it is at CB.

I hate the thought of going OT. Just not a sexy pick but it wouldn’t shock me one bit.


I think OT is definitely in play. WR would surprise me. Not really a Pats thing to do.

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If he’s of that mindset and 12 and 19 are really in play then they should make that move. One of Lamb, Jeudy or one or two of the top tackles is almost sure to be there

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I’ve said for awhile they may go offense, they signed a ton of defense. I think 2 of the top 3 pics may be offense. OT is in play , but they talk about play makers, a guy like Juedy or Ruggs could be the guy, all 3 of our wrs are FAs next year. And I still think they get a RB in the 2nd or 3rd. Quinn may be smart enough to know that this team will depend on the offense alot as it has a chance to be special with a couple play makers and a decent Oline

I think what he said was difference maker.

But on offense you’d think that would be a WR or RB. At 3OA I’d think Jeudy or Lamb would fit that mold. I could see a DL like Kinlaw too.

I can imagine a situation where we trade down. Get an extra 2nd rounder and go.

1st OT - Wills
2nd RB - Taylor
2nd WR - Mims

Then go defense the rest of the draft.


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I really don’t want to admit this, but the numbers on the team do point to an early OT taken.

I’d prefer a OT or WR over a CB at 3…

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OT has the most value.


TD, take your CB at #5 or 6, then trade back up and get a good OT.

Think of this.

The Lions have been looking at CB’s throughout the draft (10 total) but haven’t really looked at too many OT’s. (2 total)