Dolphins beat writer: “ QB very much in play for Lions at 3”

This guy has broken lots of news in the past, so before people start with “who is this guy” blah blah blah. He is credible. Also interesting that he said the Lions wanted to draft a QB last year. He also states that drafting a QB would give Quinn and Patricia more time, which makes sense.

I don’t follow college ball at all, so I don’t know anything about Tua’s skill set.

Could he come in and offer something like Taysom Hill does in New Orleans?

I don’t see it.

What he could bring is some actual competition to the position. Something we haven’t seen here in decades.

Just a smokescreen to up the ante…

U want you’re QB come get him at 3 or risk not getting him


The Lions just went 0-9 while their QB was on the shelf. Do people actually think this regime is going to risk that again? Quinn and Patricia are dumb…but not that dumb.

There will be a major investment made at QB, and people will just have to get over it.

For this to truly be in play the prognosis will have to be positive
If this injury gets properly cleared I wouldn’t put it outside the realm of possibilities
Why not?
You clear it with ownership in advance and it may be the best long term play
If the guy clears and becomes the pick it looks good on Quinn
Why can’t the Lions have a good QB 2x like a few teams have over the years?
Would be a nice change from the decades of quarterback hell the franchise endured before Stafford
If the injury concern can be reconciled, I’d support such a move

Or, it becomes a great smokescreen…
Everyone should run with the Lions interest in Tua like there’s no tomorrow

I don’t think drafting a QB at 3 buys Quinntricia a single day more. If they come out and win 3 games again after drafting a QB there, they are still toast. The Fords will find a HC/GM that would like to work with whichever QB that could turn out to be.

And, yeah, it’s smokescreen season and the Lions have every incentive to make it appear like a QB is in play, both last year and this year too. No brainer.

It’s very unlikely that they get only 3 wins next year anyway
But whatever
Taking Tua could be the best long term investment we’ve ever seen this franchise make
If Quinn does this he gets no credit for the move?
No, he would get credit for that kind of move, definitely

No real chance at #3 unless Matt’s back is FUBAR’d - Drafting a QB to redshirt would be essentially wasting the #3 OA for a season when Quinn and Patricia’s jobs are on the line.

I could see one as early as the 2nd round though if one drops.

Edit - reading the link it doesn’t say “At #3”, just that we’ll draft a QB some time or other in the draft. Is this Fake News?

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This guy is a joke. I have it on good authority from multiple reporters down at the Senior Bowl right now that he doesn’t know what he is talking about. He isn’t credible. Quote: “He isn’t considered a legitimate source even for Dolphins stuff , let alone Lions information”.

Yeah Dolphins fans think he’s a joke.

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Well hopefully the major investment QB is a free agent and not some overrated rookie with a bum hip that won’t help them win games next year!!

They’re not taking a QB at 3!!
Some of you Stafford haters need to get over it


Stafford will help them get back to 6-10.

He’s not a joke. He’s a beat writer. He has inside info and he has broken a few stories in the past. I follow the guy. He has 68,000 followers for a reason.

With that said he’s just stating what people at the senior bowl are saying and that is that the Lions are looking at QB’s. This is not shocking news. He didn’t say the Lions were looking at QB’s to draft at 3. That would be a bit shocking. BQ is always looking at QB’s and my guess is that after the last two years with Stafford going down, that the priority to find a quality back up has gone up significantly. BQ can’t afford to rely on Matt Stafford to make it a full season any more. He doesn’t have the luxury of putting a scrub at number two. He needs to find a quality back up QB.


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Another cringeworthy post. He isn’t some draft guru, and has admitted he hasn’t watched most of those guys play. He does have sources and is just putting out what he has heard. You try really hard it is funny.

It’s amazing to me how many people actually think the Lions aren’t going to make a major QB investment.

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we are going to draft a legit QB at “SOME” point that’s an ironclad fact. This offseason? who knows?

I actually want them to make a major investment in a QB just not at 3.

I think there are some good free agent options or a guy in rd 2 or 3 I’m fine with


The Lions are possibly sending out multiple signals. They’re open to trading out of #3 while, also, hinting that they are considering a QB if they stay put. If anyone can equate logic to our methods, which at times is difficult, I’d have to guess it’s just to further entice teams interested in a QB to pick up the phone.

I’m in that club. I think Quinn and Patricia will try to ride out the rest of their Lions tenure with Stafford. They’ll maybe draft a dude late this year and/or try to pull in another Tom Savage-like vet and call that box checked.

Having said that, I am squarely in the corner of them trying to move on from Stafford and start this thing over, or at least provide him with some legitimate competition. I just don’t think Quinn and Patricia will do that considering the slight ultimatum they’ve been given.

Hoping you’re right on this one for sure.

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