Dolphins give Byron Jones $40 mil over 1st 2 years

Slay is a bargain at this point.

I heard it ain’t quite that high, more like 5 years at $82,5 mil. Something like $16.5 mil/yr average. Coupla years younger.

I edited the title to be more accurate.

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Still mucho dinero. Gotta wonder what that does for Slay, is his play going downhill any? I’ll be honest, I wouldn’t pay him that much, I’d draft Okudah instead.

Adam Schefter
Byron Jones’ new contract with the Dolphins will be a five-year, $82.5 million deal, including $57 million guaranteed, per source. It includes $40 million in first two years.

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Hopefully we can work out an extension for Slay for about 3 yrs. No one available is as good.


Right on point RW. Slay and the Lions have a natural fit here.


lol, I hope so! We can’t keep making holes to fill :slightly_smiling_face:

That’s really a 3 year at 19 per.

You think he gets more than Jones? I was hoping 3 at 17 due to him being older.

He’s only 18.5 months younger than Slay.

I hope we can working something out with slay but I’m okay with playing out his last year and franchising him for another.

I thought Jones was 26 for some reason

Curious about Slay, if the Lions did trade him then does that mean his 2020 cap hit ($13.368 mil) falls to the team that gets him?

That’s how I understand it, they take on the contract. I’m no capologist by any stretch though, lol

For some strange reason most people think he’s much younger than he is. It’s not just you.

Jones is quite good. Might be even a shade more of a shutdown guy than Slay at this point. But much like Nnamadi in Oakland, Jones is a wretched playmaker. And that’s kind of a problem.

To be honest that’s my only concern with Okudah as well. I’m convinced he’ll be a lock down guy. Not nearly convinced that he’s a big time playmaker.

Slay and Okudah would complement each other really well though. Lets Slay gamble a bit on his side.

Well at least I’m not the only one losing it!

No. they only have to pay his base and his bonuses (based on when he is traded). 2.9M is money we already paid that was part of his signing bonus that got spread out. new team would get him for 10.5M, but Slay would want to renegotiate so that would need to be worked out up front.

We would eat 2.9 in dead cap.