Dom Capers on board as a Senior defensive assistant


The rich get richer :smile:

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He was the inaugural head coach of the Carolina Panthers and the Houston Texans for four seasons each. Capers is the only head coach to lead two different NFL expansion teams during their first seasons.

A defensive assistant for most of his coaching career, Capers held his first defensive coordinator position with the Pittsburgh Steelers in 1992. He left Pittsburgh to become the Panthers head coach in 1995 where he guided the team to a 7–9 record, the best finish for an NFL expansion franchise in their inaugural season. The following season, Capers led the Panthers to the NFC Championship Game making them (along with the Jacksonville Jaguars) the youngest franchise to appear in an NFL conference championship.

Capers’ early success with Carolina would result in him becoming the inaugural head coach of the Texans in 2002, although he was unable to lead them to a winning record or playoff berth. He continued to hold assistant coaching positions afterwards, most prominently as the defensive coordinator of the Green Bay Packers from 2009 to 2017, with whom he helped win a Super Bowl title in Super Bowl XLV.

I’ll say it again: This is unlike anything I’ve ever – ever – seen from the Lions. In a good way.


Good night, what are these guys doing?

If you know football, come on down to Allen Park, we’ll make room for you.


Sound good to me! He’s got tons of experience beating the Lions!

3 expansion teams now. Boom


Steve Yzerman talked about his general manager philosophy of stockpiling draft picks – “get lottery tickets,” he says. Meaning you won’t hit on every choice, but the more choices you have, the better the chance you hit on some.

The Lions seem to be taking that approach with coaches!

We might have a coach with dumb ideas sometime. But if we get enough experienced coaches, those dumb ideas will get overridden.

I need to know what they are paying these people

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Brad Holmes has an experienced sounding board in John Dorsey.

Aaron Glenn has an experienced sounding board in Dom Capers.

Anywhere they’ve gone with relative inexperience, they’ve brought in support.

I can’t overstate how impressed I am.


At the rate the Lions are spending he might become a draft consultant


Why would Glenn agree to this? Is he working under Glenn? Has he crossed paths with Glenn at their respective stops?

IT’s ANARCHY !! Lions fans everywhere won’t watch ! :crazy_face:

Dom Capers was a 3-4 guy. Does this imply the Lions will be running 3-4 as the base defense?

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Things like this I’m not on board with. The game has probably passed by Dom Capers.

Yeah I hope they not spending our FA money. Lol


This was my first thought as well.
Gotta wonder if that changes what we expected Glenn would bring here.

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The Lions are the only team in the league that have personal professors for each coach


I’ve been expecting a bit of 3-4 single-gapping defense anyway, so this just reinforces that.

Wow Dom, damn!

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