Don Cherry Fired form HNIC

Don Cherry just got fired!

A little off-topic for a Lions forum but Don Cherry is iconic. He made some inappropriate comments about immigrants in Toronto. The cancel culture just cancelled the 85 year old legend.

Bye Don.

Never understood the obsession people had with that clown. He wore goofy clothes, hated anyone from other countries and made a living based on saying stupid shit. Basically a low level Canadien version of Trump.

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Yeah if you kneel for the flag, it’s your right and is proof of living in a free country and nobody better DARE complain about it. If you question why people aren’t showing enough support for the military… GTFO of here you xenophobe! IE: Fall in line or we’ll destroy you. Gotta love the West in 2019!

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He used an unfortunate way to point out what is a fundamental cycle of humanity. There’s a great book called The Fourth Turning that explains there are basically four 20 yr generational types in Western culture, and that they repeat as a cycle every 80 years, following economic and social/parenting patterns of behavior. If you look at Western history there is a big cultural reset War about every 80 years for the past five hundred years or so.

What he is pointing out is that the generation that we call the millennials is the one in the cycle that doesn’t have any skin in the game in regards to having personal or close family memory to the last big cultural reset War and as such don’t value the fruits of not having those Wars happen in the time frame they live in and that had directly preceded them. It’s a great book which I love dearly and suggest to anyone. You will definitely have your eyes opened about current political economic and social scene, and see that everything old is New Again


You also have an ignorant generation who thinks socialism if fine…SMH.

In fact your congress has a few congresswomen that are overtly racist and antisemitic. It all starts with the left wing education system who indoctrinate the children into an almost cult like belief system. I could see a civil war if Trump wins again. The left wing radicals are totally unhinged.

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This is my point. Socialism appeals to the younger class because they have no one in their immediate family or family history that can show them what we were fighting against 80 years ago, and that because of the extended prosperity since World War II and general us hegemony, some aspects of capitalism have been warped Beyond a healthy Factor, which is readily seen and Amplified by a group of people who want to insert themselves as the ruling class. This is the quintessential human condition of people that see themselves as revolutionaries refute vehemently the Truth that they are actually Aristocrats in waiting/wanting.

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It’s ironic that ANTIFA are the actual fascists.

So, let’s get back to Don Cherry as Politics has its place in the OTT and socio-political cycles is probably not where this discussion needs to go, sorry on my part. I just love that book so much…

As opposed to the generation that grew up with the cold war and thus equates all things socialist with Soviet Union and so it must all be bad? Nevermind that half those people don’t even understand what socialism really is, it’s just a scary word.

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Cherry comes from a generation where total honesty was approved of despite it being politically incorrect. Today’s cancel culture wants to examine your life from birth to the present day. Yes he was a dummy for saying it, especially in DT Toronto where it looks like Mumbai, India.

We have laws now in Canada, legislated by the far left Trudeau gov’t , that will get you thrown in jail for using the wrong pronoun.

There is a Tranny out west in Canada who sued various shops for not trimming his balls and junk… SMH

They are being forced to do it by law.

And there are also ignorant people who use Sweden as an example of socialism , but it got it’s wealth as a healthy capitalist society as it currently is today.

Welp, I WAS going to comment on this, and even looked forward to it.

But now that its devolved into one-sided politics, fuck it.

Another topic ruined.

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I’m through with the politics. Start over.

Nah, I’m good.

Carry on.

I thought he was just alright. The best part was the Rock Em Sock Em videos he did back in the 90s. Not a big loss as far as I’m concerned.

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Ignorance really is NOT bliss. It’s painful.
The worst part, it’s not just the ignorant that get hurt.

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Venezuela’s fall that started when the Socialist Govt, took over the Energy Sector from Private Companies (a major tenet of Socialism) was a long way from the Cold War. It’s not just a scary word. It’s a tool to build the infrastructure of Govt control over what used to be in the hands of the people. This, in and of itself, doesn’t kill millions of people. But that is the unfortunate inevitability once the people realize that the Govt is not delivering on all the promises it once made, and wants to vote to get rid of said Govt control. A Govt big enough to take everything you have if it wants to, sort of gets used to that and it will decide that regardless of how you feel, they are not going to give you back all that power you ceded to them. That’s when it turns violent. But when unsurprisingly the Govt years earlier, disarms it’s population in the name of safety, it’s only the Govt that has the means to win that fight. Game over. But gee, the teachers tell us we shouldn’t have to pay off our student loans so… fine trade-off huh kids??

To be fair, Cherry was fired due to his lack of perceived political correctness, so I don’t think discussion of said politics is off base. But don’t let posts you don’t like bother you. Just steer the conversation back to where you’d like to see it.

Like I said, it’s not just painful for the ignorant!

I’ll pull this to the other thread