Done wasting my Sundays

With what happened last week, And now 60 years old and I am saying Give, screw the NFL. Not really a Lions thing more of an NFL thing. I quit watching the rest of the sports anyways


Well, that didn’t take too long. But yeah, it would be a miracle now. We all now how often that happens around these parts.

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Have fun spending your Sundays in a more productive way. I wish I was there too. Only a few more years and I will finally be able to retire with this shit.

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I think I’m done for this year too. Product is not good enough on the field. I’ll check the scores once in a while but I can’t watch anymore of this shit.


You’re not.

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How do you shut off the notifications so I don’t get emails saying someone posted

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I’m giving them the rest of this year and then next year. If we don’t get a playoff win, I am done. I will throw away all my Lions gear. Mark my words.

Yeah, but now that we’ve dug ourselves an almost insurmountable hole to get out of, we will win a couple games to get out hopes back up.

I’ve been able to quit watching Michigan, but I know I’ll keep watching the Lions. The constant hype and top 10 rankings only to shit the bed year after year ruined UM football for me. The Lions are consistently mediocre, and I usually don’t expect much from them.

through the years i’ve become more dispassionate / neutral about the lions and the nfl. i personally think it allows you to see this team (and opponents) more objectively. i’ve been pretty spot on the last couple of years about this team and each year it’s easier to get it right earlier and earlier when the signs are present. i’d love to see them turn things around and we have a full season to play but truthfully this lion team incarnation has more resources then the prior regime it replaced and it’s likely to turn out worse. i can’t predict the future so who knows but that’s just my gut feeling 22 games in.

I agree with the Wolverines. I think things are about to get worse after this year in Ann Arbor. I see them trending down, not up.

I think the Lions could be a really good team if they could just get the QB pressure situation fixed on D and get a RB that’s worth a shit on O.

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I’ll make a decision when Stafford is no longer playing for Detroit. Probably another 5 years? We’ll see. Might not find another worthwhile QB for a few decades, so… might as well ride this out.

This organization is the worst in pro sports.


Just so you are clear, I am not pissed about the Lions. I am finally calling a spade a Spade, Fool me once it’s on you fool me time and time again with BS that points right at who they want winning these games and who they don’t want in the mix. Just took me a long time to figure out we are all fools for even thinking the Lions have some sort of chance because players they put on the field. Nope, the league is rigged and rigged against the Lions, no doubt

Not to throw salt on some of the comments, but I’m going to do it anyways. You can’t be a “Wolverine fan” and bail on the team under these circumstances. It just shows that many were the bandwagon fans many others pegged you as.

so does that go for the Lions to?

My day was Lions-free. Avoided all of the talk-shows at noon. Went skydiving. Stopped for donuts and cider. Logged in to check on the rest of you. Sorry you suffered through it, but, yeah, if you can find something else to do with your Sundays, you’ll be better off because of it.


It’s not like I would go become a fan of the Clemson Tigers or something. I’ll always be a fan of my home teams (Lions, Tigers, Pistons, Red Wings, and Wolverines). Some just fall off the attention level for me after so many years of futility.

I’m really surprised my interest level in the Lions remains so intense year after year after year.

But I’m really not too concerned on how others want to define my fandom anyway.


i’m still a lion fan but truthfully, the lions and the nfl have less of a hold on me as each year goes on. the nfl is a joke not so much because of the horrible officiating at times but because it’s a circus.

for years now, following the lions has been less about pure football and more about how does an organization (football or otherwise) go about turning garbage into success and thereby helping transform a city and a fan base. i’m more interested in the the whole psychology of it and so hopefully the play on the field is a much more objective evaluation.

in sum, lion football is more a dispassionate passion for me at this point :wink:

i don’t think that makes me a bandwagon fan. i just measure in different ways and don’t get worked up when they lose or too over hyped when they’re putting out avg performances.

the lions eat up a lot of one’s personal time and you’re not getting that time back so it helps to have a healthy relationship with this team and sport.

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You love your “local” professional sports teams. I totally understand that, and its what the business model is built on. There is ONE option for us. But what made you “decide” on being a Wolverines fan, vs MSU, WMU, EMU, CMU, etc. These aren’t just sports teams, they are schools. And on top of being schools, there are a bunch of options. So you “decided” to follow a college team when they were winning, then “decided” to stop following a college team when they weren’t winning as much as you wanted them to? I went to MSU and bleed green, and many of the Spartan fans I know have connections to the school and would never “abandon” the team based on their record in football. And by “many,” I mean no one I know. So excuse me if I am taking a moment to point out some “Walmart Wolverines” jumping ship.

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