Don't Blame the refs,, this is all on the NFL

They have the power to make this kind of shit go away but refuse to. The PI reversals are a joke. That’s why Patricia didn’t throw the flag on the one PI, He knew it wouldn’t get overturned. This is all about the Money and Detroit isn’t a big money maker in this league.


I used to say these things even out but last night was pretty blatant
The PI was questionable
I have no problem with the non-call on that one
The 2x Flowers hands to the face calls were brutal
Even more brutal when put into the context that he had NEVER been called for that penalty in the past
I fell asleep after the first quarter
Woke up for the fourth
People may say the Lions didn’t score when they had the chance
5 FGs?
Doesn’t matter
Football is a game of inches and 1-2-3 plays usually make the difference
So … the refs gifting GB arguably 2-3 calls … made the difference
End of story
Packer discussion board was still open in a window on my phone
Took a peak
Some said the victory was tainted
Even some homers were willing to see the obvious

Let’s hope this motivates this team to destroy the Vikings next week

Just a reminder…

We screwed up by having 12 men on the field, no doubt. But that drive was extended on 3rd and 5 when we got a phantom PI call where Jimmy Graham fell down on his own.


The fact is, this is an entertainment business. They are all in it together. There is a reason why Patricia, Quinn, Wood and even Martha are silent, gutless cowards every single time this happens. Usually the team will not respond well to things like this, and it makes sense. The front office and people in charge just accept it. Why would it ever change when your senile owner doesn’t give AF, the President does nothing but collect a check, the GM is a bitch and the head coach is just happy to be employed?

Rod Wood should hold a press conference and literally break shit on camera, while throwing a million F bombs at Goodell and the officiating crew. What are they going to do? Fine him? That’s fine. Martha should be right there to cut the check or maybe she can go on camera to give the finger to the league.

Don’t blame the NFL, you keep supporting this bullshit and pretending the games aren’t fixed!
Your fault! They will do what you let them get away with!

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Sorry, your premise is bs
Yes it’s an entertainment business
But they’re not all “in this together”

Who’s you?
You too?

I watched the game. Yes!
But, I won’t watch another!

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And MSN isn’t biased

I forgot about that DPI that Graham received. It is crazy to think about how many drives were extended to the Packers in this game. They got 3 extra possessions in the last half of the fourth quarter alone! (Hands to the face, DPI on Jones, hands to the face).

I have pointed this out as well. Every time GB needed to extend a drive, out comes a penalty. When Detroit is driving, no call to be found. This was an orchestrated outcome no doubt.



Someone else posted this, but its incredible.

GB at home can spot teams two TDs and still be better than .500.

The rest of the league is less than 1 out of ten games can win.

This is a fix everyone. 450 NFL games is more than needed to see what normal looks like. GB wins WAAYY too much for anything other than gifted penalties to make sure they win.

Stop it, this is ridiculous how is this proof ? The other 463 games did not involve the second coming of Christ himself Aaron Rodgers (and with my deep voice) The FROZEN TUNDRA that’s the difference …seriously ask Chris Collinsworth he will fill you in , the rest of the league involved in these types of home games wins 10% of the time and Lambeau and Rodgers near 60% of the time …it the Messiah

Funny how Rodgers can’t bring his team back generally, but have in this situation repeatedly

wait OP who employs the Refs !?

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The Nefarious Football League