Draft day dream - Which would you choose?

A little scenario to pool the board. It’s draft day and the Lions are on the clock at 3. Which scenario do you want the most and why? Pick one then tell us why.

  1. Burrows goes 1 and Young goes two. The Lions stay put and select Okudah, Brown, or another defensive player.

  2. Same scenario but Lions select a QB. Any QB it doesn’t matter which one. You just want a new QB.

  3. Same scenario but the Lions take an offensive playmaker to help Stafford like Jeudy or Lamb.

  4. Same Scenario but the Lions trade down and take BPA.

  5. Burrows goes 1. Washington trades down to Miami (Who takes a QB) and the Lions draft Young.

  6. You don’t care what happens as long as the Lions draft another OL in round one.

I’d love to get Young but I’m in the trade down camp.

I think the Lions need a lot of help and the best chance for them to go from last to first in the division is in a trade down scenario. I always want to root for the best chance to win now.


Young, or trade down.


4 or 5 are ok with me.

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Yeah, those are the two best choices.

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5 then 4

4, then 1 or 5 I guess. Not sold on Young living up to the hype.

5 is a dream I’m on board with . When you suck as bad as we did , getting a blue chip player out of the deal is a must …Which is why scenario #1 works as well and taking Okudah another blue chip player is fine by me …I can trade down to #5 to add an additional 1st rounder +, but will be upset if we moved down any further .

5, 4, 2 would be my order of choice.

Chase if he is there. Trade down (Dolphins preferred, Panthers if not). Grab best player otherwise.

I am not ready to tell you who that is. I will wait to see how Tua heals and how the combine goes (because that should clarify trade options). I don’t think our bpa at three will be doing much at the combine.

Haha! You know this is the most likely scenario, right?

4 or 5.

Anything or anyone other than Brown.

  1. Draft Young @3
    He’s a game changer at an important position. The Lions pass rush was truly pathetic this season.
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#5 for me.

I can’t fall in love with any player based on their college play, so for now I will just have to go with 4. After the combine/pro days, I may be willing to go all in on a particular player.

If young is there I would take him. But my personal preference is to trade down camp. If we were to draft Okudah at 3, I would be okay with it but would have wished we had attempted a trade down and got him at 5. I really think Okudah could be the guy…I just hope they kill it in FA and get a few DT’s.

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Yeah I’d be thrilled with Young or Okudah (with Xtra picks) in a trade down. Both are studs at key positions.

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Actually, Young at 3 is my dream. If he is not there, I would be happy with Jeudy, Okudah, Simmons, Brown or Thomas. I could make an argument for any of them.