Draft Day has Arrived

Gentlemen…get your boners ready.


I wonder how many are going to be disappointed that it’s over…

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Damn, the best boners are in Allen Park.

Just said that in another thread, well, not quite what you said, but the thread title, yes.
Tomorrow, we can all start bitching about how bad the pick is and continue the why did Martha keep Quinn posts. Plus, It’s been at least a day since a new Stafford thread started…

Good times!


This guy couldn’t get a boner even with a little help from Eva Green.

Vontae mack no matter what

All of us, no matter what happens :joy:

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Tonight is great!!! after the next couple days then what? Propaganda from Allen Park

WE are really excited Blah blah blah!
We can’t believe he was their when we picked
We think he will step in day one and contribute.
Our analysis showed he can do X Y and Z
Fundamentally he is a rare find
Technically he is one of the best

edit: PLEASE add your Quinn cliche

He has a really high floor with a terrific upside.
We’ve been scouting him for a long time.
He’s been on our Radar for a long time.
Very smart and comes from a very athletic family. Well rounded.
SEC is a Great Football Conference…
He understands the game very well.
Very High Football I.Q.


“all he does is make plays”

“Bar none, the next Teez Tabor”

Either you area great writer or you’ve listened to Quinn too much. WELL done.

funny but we were on a roll. you killed the buzz.

It’s really the first sports related thing I care about in over a month… Pretty excited

He has a Great work ethic.
He lives and breathes football.
Blue is his favorite color, he told me.
His Combine results really opened some eyes.
His speed just jumps out on the tape.
He high-points the ball effectively.
He gets in and out of his cuts quickly. No wasted effort.
We did a lot of research on him.

I miss Mayock. Jeremiah is good but it just ain’t the same.

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