Draft option at 3?

Just read this article and while I suck at draft stuff, it made sense to me on the fan level.

I like the idea that since this kid blocked for a lefty, his mentality is going to be more aggressive maybe.

Just seeing what you all think as I have no clue?!

I think Okudah is going to be wayyyyy high on their list (as he is for others). I seriously doubt OL is in consideration in the 1st for them. Maybe they grab an OT at the top of 2.


Who is the least impactful player we can draft at 3?

That’s the guy BQ is taking.


Since this post is just throwing out different ideas that may shock some…how about we trade down with Miami and let them keep the 5th pick. We get their other 2 first rounders #18 and #26 both their seconds #39 and #56 and their 3rd pick #70. We end up with 7 picks in the first 70 players taken.

Asking for their 3rd rounder is pricey going by the trade value chart, but that is the premium to keep #5.
Lots of opportunity for the Lions to move around or add a ton of young, CHEAP, talent to the roster. Miami gets their QB and a Tackle to protect him. This is the same price Miami would have to give Washington to get to 2 and Tua guaranteed.

Let me put it this way would you give up Chase for those 5 guys we could add? I would in a NY second.


18 is too far for my liking. We could trade back up. Plus your deal is plus 490 on the trade value chart. Both the Wentz and Darnold trades were on the plus 900 range. I’d hold out for their ‘21 2nd as well.

I really prefer 5, 18 and 39 which is almost identical to what the Colts and Browns got in the deals for Wentz and Darnold.

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that’s the guy quinn is taking–love the statement–that’s why this site needs a laugh icon right next to the heart icon

You have my vote! dropping 2 spots to get #18 and #39 could help fill in this roster. All these picks would be cheap with the current CBA and infuse lots of young talent. That also leaves way more money for the other players on the roster which would allow some nice upgrades too! We need a little luck with the draft too! No matter how well you scout there are always surprises when they get to the big league.

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If Quinn gets that, I’ll never call him Batman Bouche again. (at least not until he’s been fired)

It’s going to be the CB and it will be the final nail in Quinn’s coffin.

That is basically 10 points over what the Colts got for Darnold. There are a number of ways Miami can get close to that +900 threshold.

5, 26, 39 and 70 for 3, 131 and 154
5, 18, 56 and 70 for 3 and 99
5, 39, 54, 70 and next years 3 for #3

Miami is going to try and feign disinterest but I’m quite confident they are all about Tua if his recovery goes well.

People really need to stop looking at the draft value chart. Teams haven’t looked at that in close to a decade.

Yep, the market sets the value of the pick. It’s worth what people are willing to pay.

The Lions are in a very good position at #3. They will either get a nice TD scenario, ER Young or the least likely chance is that they add an impact DT, CB, LB or WR.

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