Draft order and trade down

Looking at the draft order, here are my thoughts:
Cincinnati - Burrow
Washington - Chase Young
Detroit - Trade down partners
Miami will wait this out till 5 as they can pick from Herbert and Tua
Chargers may jump Miami but probably will wait this out for Herbert or Tua
Carolina may be the darkhorse here
Raiders are the only other option

I think people are WAY overvaluing these QBs in this draft class. I’d be shocked if they get any trade down offers. But you can’t convince people who think that Tua and Herbert are coveted players. Chase Young is the only player I would draft at #3, anyone else is a waste for their resources.

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The fact that teams really won’t be able to dig into Tua’s injury is really gonna hurt us. Normally he’d be going through batteries of tests but he can’t now, and so he represents a larger risk than normal this high in the draft.

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They’ll still be able to look into it to some extent. Shelter in place orders will have medical carve outs that teams will be able to exploit.

I’m not convinced at all that BQ will be able to get a trade down partner without getting fleeced.

I mean, we do have cap space and we do have a pick other teams want, but his track record indicates that he will probably stand pat and reach for a CB or lineman.

My thing is, if BQ is interested in trading down, then let’s roll. No need to wait till you are “on the clock”. Why not go to one of those teams and see if we can actually get a decent veteran in return along with an additional draft pick.

Not all trade downs need to be just for picks. If Quinntricia are in “win now” mode, then you would think they might want to get a stud LB or a high end WR or TE in return. Just a thought, but rookies aren’t going to turn this from 3 wins to 10 wins. And we didn’t improve the team much at all thru free agency.

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Really want tradedown, but this feels most true

Unfortunately I think we’d get many more and much better compensation if young is there vs any QB

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Here are the current Lions picks:

Round 1 - 3rd overall
Round 2 - 35th overall
Round 3 - 67th overall
Round 3 - 85th overall
Round 4 - 109th overall
Round 5 - 149th overall
Round 5 - 166th overall
Round 6 - 182nd overall
Round 7 - 235th overall

I look at that and think they don’t need any more Day 3 picks, if they do trade down in the 1st then they should not go too far down and miss out on the highest quality players like Young, Okudah, Brown, and Simmons, maybe Kinlaw too IMHO. They need a pro-bowl type guy at that level or close to it, a playmaker/difference maker.

I’d love to TD with Miami and get their 5 and 26, to me that would be ideal, 2 1st-rounders that they could keep for their 5th year if necessary. But it takes 2 to tango, right?

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