Draft possibilities updated

Current Draft setting for the Lions. This is a projection for the end of the season. Our projection is still 4 wins and ending up drafting 5th seed. but I think we will move up imho… over the next three final weeks.

Currently as of today, here our the percentages for the top eight seeds. today we are most likely 4th, but projection wise 5th…

         wk13  wk14  wk15

#1 <1% same same
#2 2% 7% 6%
#3 11%. 18% 27%
#4 16%. 13% 15%
#5 15%. 13% 15%
#6 14%. 12% 12%
#7 11%. 7% 6%
#8 10%. 7% 5%
Total % 79% 77% 86%

We are trending towards the 3rd pick but if we win out that can drop us.

fun fact that hurts?! in wk13 there were 15 teams mathematically alive for the #1 pick. Wk 15, today, that dropped to only 8 …of which we are still apart of at less than 1%.


Giants still have to play the Dolphins and the Redskins and all three teams are right in front of us.

So if I’m reading this correctly, getting the #1 overall pick is nearly impossible. Sometime over the next 6 or so picks is where it seems likely we will likely end up.

The schedule is heavily in our favor. Miami, NYG and Cincinnati all play each other and someone has to win. #3 seems like the best case scenario, but #2 is possible if the NYG can win two games! If that is the case we basically have our pick as Cincinnati will go QB at #1.

While technically possible, it’s highly unlikely we get #2. Even if the Giants do win two games, their most likely wins would come against the Dolphins and the Redskins. While there is a pretty good chance the Dolphins beat the Bengals, we would be relying on the Redskins beating either the Eagles this week or @Cowboys. So that still leaves us at #3 behind the Redskins and Bengals.

But you’re counting on the Lions to lose all of their remaining games. They can’t be counted on. Not to win, lose, tie, to cover the spread, the O/U, nothing. Just can’t count on them. Against anyone.


There is another scenario. But the game I will be keeping my eye on this weekend is Miami at NY Giants.

Just think if that AZ defensive back doesn’t drop that cookie Stafford gift wrapped to him, we wouldn’t have that tie, which may hurt us. That and Nelson Agholor and company dropping 7 passes and 2 TDs against us sure is porking us right about now.

The Eagles didn’t actually “drop” 7 passes, that one was misreported. They were counting contested catches as drops, which isn’t really a drop. But what’s interesting is that the Chargers really did drop that many passes, but they under reported the number for that game in the sources I saw.

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Glad you could clear that up. Holy hell.

Weak argument, you can look at many other things that could have been done that gave the Lions a win…bad calls in KC or GB game come to mind…but I am guessing you would say those never should have been called…because Lions.

I was being sarcastic. Just like you posted here about bad calls. It goes both ways. We should have won against GB, we could have won vs KC, we should have lost to AZ, we could have lost to Philly. It’s a wash. We deserve to be about where we are.


We deserve to be about where we are.

Yep, sucks, but…yep.

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This season was over after the Oakland loss. They were done. They knew it. I knew it. Our defense is just freakin bad man. Its so bad. A head or two is going to have to roll for this. Somebody has to pay.


Yeah and the fact that some folks here want to blame the refs for a loss, but fail to acknowledge that the almighty Bevell pretty much cost us 2 games himself with that bonehead timeout and the idiotic last play call, out of a timeout against the Raiders. Those 2 decisions by Bevell were 2 of the dumbest decisions ever. Like fireable decisions. But hey, he had Stafford throwing for a lot of yards against bad teams early. What a great hire. Nevermind he did nothing to improve the running game and lost 2 games himself.

We need to work on our red zone, for sure.

I don’t think Bevell is the issue though.

The issue is the inability of this team to stop virtually anybody. They make Mitch Trubisky look like an All-Pro who converts 3rd and 9s with ease. And the worst part is everybody is to blame. They have no pass rushers up front, or on the edges. Trey Flowers does a decent job, and a good player, but he is never going to be a sack artist. That’s one guy. I thought maybe Daniels could get after it, but he can’t stay healthy. Hand can’t stay healthy. A’Shawn and Snacks never could get after the QB. And Kennard is horrible at it and he plays rush end!

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As of 1600 Oklahoma time,

We are unable to get the top pick X
2nd 11%
3rd 35%
4th 18%
5th 10%
6th 14%
7th 6%
8th 1%

88% between 2-7th!

We cant get the top pick due to our tie!!

It will be nice to see which young kid will be the next one we blame for why we aren’t winning


Why stop there? How about Eckler not extending the ball out at the 1 yard line and that would have given the Chargers the win.
Might as well take away the 2 circus TD catches that Golladay had in the Giants game. Probably would have made the Giants win that game.
Might as well aim for the #1 pick overall.

Damn that hurts. Missing Chase by 1 pick is the most likely outcome.